Neighborhood Guessing Game: Off Center

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Dining Room

The home featured in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game is now open for speculation. Come on in!

If this is your first game visit, be sure to check out the short rulebook before you start — there can be twists! Then wipe your feet, carefully study the photos below, and make your guess!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Library

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Family Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Kitchen

Of course you recognize this neighborhood . . . right?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Window Seat

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Closet

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 28: Attic

When you’ve figured out what neighborhood this home is in, add your guess in the comments! The answer will be published here Thursday.

Photos: HAR 

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  • Sweeping driveway, tripartite Palladian window in the bathroom(!), tasteful decor with splashes of extravagance, enormous kitchen and even bigger walk-ins. This either Heaven or River Oaks.

  • Nice looking house inside for the most part. I could see this as being in a number of neighborhoods, including some of Reeber Oaks. Others would include Spring Branch, Tanglewood, Memorial Drive areas outside the loop, this could go on and on, but’s it looks nice.

  • Toile fabric, pastel-ish pale greens, yellows, and oriental china blues. It is unmistakably the bastion of some waspy we-need-more-fiber-in-our-diet and a memo that Laura Ashley went out with the Clintons type of location. West U or one of its close neighbors?

  • Somewhere along Kirby and west…
    This house is old enough & well-situated enough to have been remodeled – seriously – twice. I see various windows, elec outlets and cabinetry.
    Guess the newish family room pushed out from the kitchen has the newish master bath on top, for a new ridge at a 90 to the main house. (The original roof has the lavender office under it. Circa 1930.)
    I likey. Can’t have too much casework…

  • Over there by the soon to be Ashby Highrise…

  • I think I’ll try Lynn Park. It smells of new construction in a ranchburger neighborhood…mature trees…one story homes seen through the window…ooh, maybe Tanglevoot.

  • I say off Mandell and Bissonet… Museum district-ish south of 59… come on come on…

  • Southampton or Southgate. Reasons: So many linear feet of bookshelves. Solid 2-storey neighbors, broad front yard, big trees. House and lot big enough to build into the attic and pop out the back or side. This is a nice place.

  • I am thinking this is an older home, updated within the past few years. I was going to say Memorial, but you don’t have many older homes with multiple stories. Thinking what was attic space has been updated for a home office on the 3rd floor or above garage. This has to be an older neighborhood. Maybe near North and South Blvd.

  • I’m going to the other side of 59 and saying between Richmond and Alabama, maybe between Hazard and Dunlavy?

  • On a whim, Garden Oaks?

  • Everywhere I’d guess has already been taken. But, I’m fond of saying “Never trust the obvious,” so I’ll go with Riverside Terrace.

  • Now, Gus, you could be tricking us with this week’s title and this place could be new construction in the First Ward “off Center.” The views out the windows seem too broad for that part of town, and putting up such a nice place in the land of shotguns, cottages and towering townhouses seems incongruous. But there’s my #2 guess nonetheless.

  • The built-in bookcases and day-bed thingy look exactly like those in my Ayrshire ranch house, and since this one fairly old and two stories, I’m going with Old Braeswood.

  • Bellaire, of course.

  • Second guess…Rivercrest.

  • Definitely an 1930s-40s home with some recent remodeling (kitchen). There are gable roofs faintly visible out the windows so I will rule out Ayrshire. The decor suggests a matron with good taste (though it may have been early 90s furnishings). My gut says Southampton because the house across the street looks too close for the deeper setbacks in River Oaks.

  • Nice place if a bit too L.Ashley on the interior design. Wish I had another area to guess, but think the entire Museum District has all been taken. Anyone guess Castle Court? I’ll take that for 100.

  • Oh, this is totally southhampton! 1940’s construction, and beautifully updated. No professor in southgate could afford to do that. and it can’t be river oaks or old braeswood because the lot’s just not big enough. there are neighbors all but peeking in the windows!

  • i’ll venture and go where no one wants to go.. river oaks, somewhere in the more crowded part, somewhere in the triangle created by shepherd, inwood/w gray, and kirby..