Neighborhood Guessing Game: Open Bar

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Bar

It’s time for our favorite Tuesday activity . . . that’s right, the Neighborhood Guessing Game! If you’ve never played before, please take a look at the rules before you post. And if you’ve been thinking about playing, now’s a great time to join in. C’mon, lurkers: This round‘s for you!

Ready to see more pics of this week’s mystery house? Here they are:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Kitchen

Oh, so you think this one is easy, do you? Just how sure are you that you know what you know? For sure?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Master Bath

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Study

Neighborhood Guessing Game 13: Exercise Room

Got it? Great! Now enter your guess in the comments. Answer on Thursday!

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  • Yay! No dead animals!

  • This looks like we’ve gone outside the loop. Waaaay outside the loop. Newer construction, some decent detail. Large foyer with stairs heading right up seems very Woodlands to me. The home itself could be almost anywhere but it seems stylish enough that I’d have to say theres money in the neighborhood. Could be Sugar Land. Something about it just doesn’t say inner loop to me. Yeah, I have to go Woodlands.

  • Looking through the windows I see a palm and that just doesn’t strike me as Woodlands. I like the Sugar Land guess, but I don’t have a strong feeling…

  • This could be inner loop, matter of fact I will guess Crestwood. This reminds me of a newish build an old girlfriend got in her divorce about 15 years ago in that ‘hood. This place is not that bad except the furnishings are a mish-mash of Brandon-style. And is that a silver leather couch in the office to compliment the teal cushioned client chairs (that do not match the desk) and that artwork hiding under the shelf? I think I threw up in my mouth.

  • This looks like a semi-new build in the area west of 610/east of Voss and north of San Felipe/south of Memorial. Lots of art, nice fabrics and mouldings and plenty of martini glasses make me think of that area too.

  • I’m guessing Clear Lake/Bay Area…maybe it has something to with the palm trees. It has an indoor I’m not thinking inner loop.

  • Well, this one has made me giggle. I like to play with HAR searches to “help” me with my guesses (see how that’s working so far?) and when I put in some criteria today I got a very interesting result.

    Not that it has anything to do with the actual correct answer.

    What I see in these photos is a nice little palazzo. See the two different bedrooms with the high coved ceilings? Imagine that roofline! I also think this house is in a “regentrifying neighborhood.” The neighbor on the breakfast room side is far away, and the neighbor on the dining room side looms so close that you might be able to see in their window with the right photo enhancement software.

    Anyway, it turns out that out in oil country in “Lakes of Parkway” there are a LOT of palazzos just like this one for sale. What’s up with that?

    So my guess is going to be Memorial or the Villages. I think there’s some “Lakes of Parkway” envy out there among those folks who are tearing out old ranches.

  • I’m going to take a stab at Bellaire… something that was built in the last 10-15 years.

  • ok – it makes me think Gus is trying to trick us, but how? this is newer build, probably 1990s because the flooring is wood and tile, not the newer limestone. plus – brass hardware screams 80s and 90s not 2000s. But there is a frameless shower which is 2000 – so maybe there have been small updates. the furniture all appears newer than 80s or 90s – so this couple are the second owners. notice how I’m stalling? three stories – the exercise room is on the top floor. very small lot. this actually could be a townhouse in the Tanglewood area around Winrock – but it could be anywhere too. It could be a house, but something tells me Gus is trying to trick us and it’s a townhouse – like around the Augusta area. Folks, I DON”T know!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have no kids at home – empty nesters. that’s for sure. nice decor – the four chairs in the living room really seem 2000s decor, making me sure they are not the original owners. $600k

  • My guess is inner loop, Rice Military, although it’s missing the large flat screen TV hanging over the fireplace. Maybe in the huge Carceres development they’re putting up in that neighborhood.

  • Westhaven Estates

  • Heights. I toured through several there that were remarkably similar to this one. Although that weird narrow workout room does give me a little pause…

  • Well, this is a big ol’ swankienda fer sher.
    I like the burb guesses a lot, I must say. This could even be on the high-dollar side of Pearland or Manvel. But we’ve already had a Pearland McMansion, and something about the decorating makes me think…maybe it’s in town. There is a lot of color and pattern going on here. You can pretty much pick your favorite threatened historic ‘hood. Actually, I’ve seen a few newish builds in Riverside Terrace, of all places, which remind me of this.

  • I think these folks really like office furniture, bc they have managed to incorporate in into every room somehow. Im guessing this is some sort of eary 90s red brick type jobey. Could be anywhere really but all the booze suggests the party is down by clear lake somewhere..

  • That entry hall looks like any of the generic crapbox townhouses that they’ve thrown up in the inner loop in the past few years after tearing down the bungalows that at least had some character.

    I’m going to say Midtown, south of Gray, west of Brazos.

  • I count three full bedrooms and then that office thing. Also the formal art room which I guess is the living room and the big den. I’m surprised that there’s no flat screen, which means the owners are, um, older. Like me.

    And I’m wondering if that gym thing is on a third floor.

    Ooh, I know! It’s a Lovett Homes townhouse, down off Buffalo Speedway. Or maybe the ones in Knollwood. It looks Lovett-y.

    If I win, do I get the wine?

  • The Anne Heche of Houston real estate–all those personalities in one place! I thought it was a no-brainer when I saw the bar–Woodlake Square circa 1990. But then the entrance hall threw me off–is it one of those delightless Kickerillo “ranch” or “lakes” subdivisions? Then came cool, understated high-end hotel lobby luxury with spotlighted “artwork”. Very slick. (Get a load of the black resin torso on the coffee table). Is it the Hilton Post Oak? I could go on but I’ll stop here and take a stab: somewhere off Briar Forest between Kirkwood and Dairy Ashford. I think they ran out of money right before buying the desk.

  • If it’s a new build, where’s the wine fridge? Get those bottles off their butts and on their sides! Maybe it’s somewhere dry like Pearland and wine storage wasn’t a priority. At first I thought the owners must be gay (tons of alcohol, naked torso sculpture, all that workout equipment) but any gay guy worth his salt would probably decorate a bit better. So Montrose and the Heights are out. I’ll go WAY out on a limb and say Greatwood.

  • I’ll say Huntwick. It’s probably 80s construction, but it’s been updated well.

  • Bellaire McMansion. Off Newcastle, South of Bissonnet.

  • Judging from the glasses, the owners have the need to serve 24 martinis at a time. Do you know how big of a shaker you need to make 24 martinis? And I don’t think these people are making Sour Apple Martinis. I think they make the real deal — with vermouth and everything.

    They really want to be artsy. The statue of the horse on the breakfast table is an interesting way to go about it though, as you have to look under the horses belly and around its junk to talk to someone on the other side.

    The comforts of a new house. A place to show off your sculpture with art lighting. 24 martinis as a time. In town, but not inside the loop where it can be “a little seedy.” I’m guessing Tanglewood.

  • Looks EXACTLY like my friend’s house in Bunker Hill Village. My first thought was “I didn’t know she’s moving!” Definitely not her house, but architectural and design details are eerily similar, so I’m going to say Blalock/Bunker Hill area near Memorial/San Felipe. Might be too much light coming in those windows though – lots of old tall trees in the area.