Neighborhood Guessing Game: Parquet

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Family Room

Swamplot posts a new Neighborhood Guessing Game every Tuesday on Wednesday this week. Answers will be revealed on Thursday Friday this time. If you’re new to the game, please review the rules before you post a comment.

Apologies to those of you who spent all day yesterday hitting the refresh button on your browser, waiting for the Neighborhood Guessing Game to appear: the Memorial Day holiday messed with our schedule. Here’s this week’s puzzle, at last!

Many more pics of this latest mystery house, in all its vacuumed splendor, below!


Are you ready to figure this one out?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Living Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Family Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Kitchen

Pick up those clues!

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Master Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bathroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 9: Bathroom

Guesses go in the comments, as always. You have until Friday (this time) . . . when this home’s exterior and location will be revealed!

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  • Oh, my gosh… it is like the every room is spinning in a centrifuge and the furnishings are slung to the walls! Bitchin’ wallpaper and paneling. I’ve got no idea where this is but I am glad it is not in the 6th Ward near my home.

  • This has to be the toughest one yet, so very non descript. I am guessing early 70s build bc of the vent that appears on the ceiling in one of the pictures. And who stole all of their furniture? Im going to go with Laporte, shady river to be exact. My ex inlaws lived in a home almost identical to this one. Thanks for letting me relive those joyous times spent there.

  • So when will Colonial be all retro and hip? Ha! I guess late 60’s to early 70’s ….Recessed fluorescents in the baths, light fixtures. Who switched the breakfast nook light? Cool swag light in the family room. Let’s celebrate the bicentennial all over again. Oh wait, I was only 6 years old then.

  • That house is like a time machine back to 1975. Lets see, low ceilings, paneling, mid 1970’s builder grade awesomeness. Never been updated but kept up well. Looks like maybe original owners in a neighborhood that stayed just nice enough for them to remain in their house (without any visible burglar bars) but not nice enough for them to feel any pressure to update. Lots of trees – so maybe somewhere NW. I am going with two places: either Prestonwood Forest up near 249 btwn 1960 and Cypresswood, or the subdivisions along Cypresswood between 1960 and Kuykendahl.

  • Well we know one thing about the sellers, they like -BLUE-. Everything fabric, pillow, rug, carpet, etc. is blue. If this wasn’t Houston, but up in the mid-west, I would have guessed that the “family” room is a converted basement, with the stairs, rafters, retro-fitted a/c vents in the corner of the ceiling, and small kitchenette/bar. The dangling lamp looks like it could have been over a pool table. Many trees are seen from the windows suggesting that this is in an established neighborhood. The cabinetry and paneling set this house as built in late 60’s early 70’s. These assumptions make it difficult to imagine what sub-division developed two story homes back then. To make a guess, Champions or Briargrove Park.

  • Braeswood

    or Meyerland.

  • I don’t see 60’s and 70’s, I see mid 50’s to early 60’s in that paneling and the parquet. I think the fluorescents are part of an update to the bathroom. And the original builder of this ranch kept the design pretty pedestrian, with no fancy midcentury features.

    Hey, there are 3 large baths in this house! And the views of the yard outside with no neighbors looming overhead say laaaaand. I think this house is a large ranch in a roomy neighborhood. There isn’t a lot of upgrade pressure and perhaps this house is being sold as a potential tear-down, but it seems too clean somehow.

    I don’t guess our game is limited to the Houston school district, so really, this house could be in any one of a dozen subdivisions. Where are the mid 50’s 5/3.5 ranches on large lots hanging out? Some in Meyerland, for sure, some in the near west neighborhoods, plenty in the outer burbs on all sides of the city.

    Here’s a wild-assed guess – Nassau Bay!

  • Oh, and this has got to be a one-owner home. So this may be a sale out of an estate, or a downsizing, which is why the furniture is gone.

  • My guess is the Westbury area.

  • Love the vacuumed wall-to-wall; I feel like stretching out and doing some yoga.
    I say: Champions area, maybe Huntwick.

  • OMG, this is complete cheddar. All thats missing here is a disco ball, an overweight swinger with a thick mustache and gold chain, and some Bee Gees pumping out of the 8 track set upon the shag carpet. Attention Swamplot: John Holmes called and wants his house back.
    I guess around Briar Forest somewhere…out west close to the energy corridor.

  • Marilyn Estates/Barclay Square South or other Outer Meyerland subdivision. Everyone else has noted the telling details.

  • Absolutely shiteteous! If only the would put up some wallpaper borders…And please, remember to get your carpet tracks running in the same direction please!

  • I see 70’s, with some 80’s updates, perhaps, and sale by estate of original or very long-time owner. My guess is Shepherd Park Plaza, or maybe even Lazybrook or Timbergrove, but it looks like there’s a second story so I’m going with the first one.

    Although I know a house or two in Braeswood with that kind of family room, come to think of it…

  • I cant sleep .. I keep thinking of the ex-inlaws. They have my china cabinet! Damn you swamplot!

  • Jeff, this is definitely NOT in the energy corridor! I’m sticking with Nassau Bay – I know it’s a total WAG, but all that blue tells me they were inspired by the sparkling blue waters of Clear Lake. I definitely detect a nautical theme in the decor.

    I can’t explain why a house so obviously near NASA is not vacuumed with more attention to directionality and linear patterning. That is just sad.

  • The house reinforces just how much I hate the color blue, especially when it comes to home decor.

    I don’t think it’s Nassau Bay, but I don’t think it’s Energy Corridor either (even though it looks exactly like the interior of every house in my neighborhood when I was a kid). I’m going to venture a Meyerland guess once again.

  • EEK!!! I missed this this week – and I haven’t peeked or cheated but I am SO sure I won this!!!! I know who built this – I can tell – this is a classic Kickerillo house from the 60s – west Memorial – past Gessner!! the parquet floor – the rounded brick fireplace – I am right, 0k – the best part is I get to check it right now!!! I know I won, even though the answer’s already been announced – do I still count as a winner? Will someone please commit me?