Neighborhood Guessing Game: The Invisible Couch

Yes, it’s time for yet another round of Swamplot’s mystery-home guess-o-rama! And we’ve got some great prizes again this week, from Houston. It’s Worth It.

The winner will receive HIWI’s “Hunkered Down” stencil kit, the original Houston. It’s Worth It. book, and a copy of the brand-new HIWI: Ike book, full of photos and stories about that little ol’ hurricane that blew into town about a year ago.

Here’s how to win: Just guess the neighborhood this home is in! If more than one of you names the correct neighborhood, the player who provided the best explanation for the guess will get the prize.

If you already know this home, or if you find the listing, please don’t ruin the game for everyone else. Just send Swamplot a link to the listing instead — so we know what’s up — and then submit your own creative but incorrect guess. If you do this well, throwing other players off the scent, you’ll get special recognition when the winner is announced. And if nobody guesses the actual neighborhood, that winner could be you!

Let’s snoop around a bit, shall we?


Hmmm . . . what sort of place could this be?

Got a notion? Then make a guess in the comments! And check back here for the answer, Thursday-ish!

Update, 9/24: Did you guess it was here? Didn’t think so!

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  • Maybe it’s just me, but it seems odd that a large sofa is completely blocking and partially blocking a doorway in two of these photos. This is clearly a McMansion, in my opinion, but where? I’m going to guess the Champions/1960 area.

  • Looks like a late 80’s or early 90’s Perry McMansion. Over-sized rooms galore, (And when I say oversize, I mean uselessly so). The master bedroom looks like it is upstairs; I guess the owners don’t want too much privacy from their tween-teen children. The kitchen looks like it has never been redone.
    I’d guess somewhere in the Sugar Land/Missouri City vicinity, perhaps in Commonwealth, or Brightwater.

  • Lots of giant rooms, many with seemingly no purpose. I am going to guess it is a late 80s to early 90s house in Sugar Land, specifically Sweetwater.

  • Maybe it’s the camera angle, but I think the master bathroom is bigger than my first house. First Colony.

  • Definitely one of those mass-produced floorplans I feel like I’ve walked through a thousand times in the Sugar Land area. The fittings seem too new for 80’s but not new enough to enter this century, which is also probably when they stopped decorating. The abundance of generic oak furniture points me towards something near Hwy 6, I don’t know why. Built-ins, vaulted ceilings, crown-moulding, wanes coating and sizeable formal living spaces lead me to believe it’s in an upper-end, but not quite upscale neighborhood like Sugar Mill/Sugar Lakes/New Territory.

  • Darn, NGG snipers beat me to Misery City. Guess I’ll move to Silverlake, one of the old multi-story houses that used to sit so lonely across from the 3rd fairway.

  • Champions area.

  • Hmmmm… since all of Sugar Land seems to be covered, I’ll go the opposite direction and throw out Summerwood, Waldon and Eagle Springs in the Lake Houston/Atascocita area. Lots of McMansions of that vintage out there.

  • I am going to guess Sienna Plantation because I think I am supposed to be impressed, but I am not really.

  • It’s not on a golf course, but there’s got to be one nearby. Since Sugarland area is pretty well covered above, I’ll go NW to Cypress area. Maybe near Longwood. One question – What were they thinking with that lavender dressing room? Bleagh!

  • Disclaimer: I won this prize, ugly style, two weeks ago. If I have the correct answer, I officially give the judges permission to award the prize to whatever runner up or honorable mention that they feel is deserving.

    The sofa isn’t quite blocking the door. There’s probably three feet clearance. I have a setup similar to that in my house and it’s OK.

    My wife would love the purple room. The owners don’t seem to have much furniture, and what they have isn’t real expensive or new. The ceiling contours look like my little one-story Pulte home, and the finishes aren’t much better. The backyard is mostly pool, and the cedar fence is several years old. Take a map of Houston, mask off everything inside the Beltway, and fling a handful of paint. It could land anywhere. I like Brad’s Silverlake guess, but I’m going to take it a little farther east in Pearland, maybe into Audubon Place or Crystal Lakes or one of those gated communities near 35.

  • Meyerland! The vertical blinds are a dead giveaway.

  • Eagle Springs/Atoscacita

  • Katy, mid-90s construction, off South Fry Road.

  • What’s that little neighborhood near Bellaire, inside the loop, by the Home Depot??? There.

  • I like the Sugar Land guesses because it definitely feels like home, but I’m going to guess either Sugar Creek or Lexington Colony. This bad boy has red brick eclectic written all over it.

  • Hurry! Buy Now! Owners need to sell before foreclosure! This is a fine example of what happens when you buy a big house that you can’t really afford and certainly don’t need. “Oh…I didn’t know the electricity bill would be so high to keep the A/C going all summer!” The owners’ dreams of respectable art, furniture that isn’t from Rooms-To-Go, flat screen TVs, new cars, nice vacations, or anything else respectable died quickly after this purchase. They hung on long enough to get the kid out of the nest and off to college…but how will they afford to pay for that when they’re already bankrupt?! Time to sell. But this is Swamplot and the guessing game wouldn’t dare be so obvious as to choose a McMansion in Katy or Sugarland. The surprise here is that this house is actually located not far outside the inner loop in Hilshire Village.

  • New-ish, but not quite this century. These are probably not the original owners, either. Note the stainless fridge and the black double ovens.

    Since guesses seem to be covering the more McMansion-y areas outside the beltway, I guess I’ll go with the Woodlands.

  • New suburb. SE Houston. Maybe Clear Lake

  • Odd, I just noticed the TV room is double staged. The sofa covers the kitchen door in one image and sticks into it in the other. Sneaky stagers.

  • Lakeside Estates/Forest. Lakeside Country Club area.

  • Keen eye, Brad. I looked and looked at that photo and just now saw the very edge of that pass-thru in the first TV room shot. I had convinced myself they were two different rooms! Even though I originally said Champions/FM 1960 area, I also tend to agree with some of the Missouri City/Hwy. 6 guesses, but I’d say either Sienna Plantation or maybe even Lake Olympia could be considerations. (I know I don’t get a second guess).

  • Smells like cypress area to me – specifically grant road/spring cypress area. Build it bigger and they will come.

  • My guess that this is somewhere in the Cy-Fair school district, maybe way up 290, and built sometime in the mid to late 90’s. It’s old enough that the landscaping has grown up, but new enough that the builder’s plop-oak in the front yard hasn’t.

    Also, I think I know what color the office off the master bedroom is, because my bathroom is the same color. If it’s not Northern Cascades by Benjamin Moore, then it’s the same color, but by Laura Ashley.

  • Looks loads like my dad’s house. Lake Colony, on the Mo City-Sugar Land border.

  • In this case, the bountiful coffered ceilings and crown molding is lipstick on a twig. The developer probably sold this as “entry level luxury.” Your golden opportunity in Silverlake.

    Since that has already been guessed, I will say there is a “stone” in the name of the section or street.

  • This sure looks like Lake Olympia to me. I think I recognize that master bathroom wallpaper, although I would have expected the vanity to be dual-level. Is that a skylight in the kitchen or some funky lighting fixture?

  • Bellaire. Near BHS and the Triangle.

  • Outside the Beltway, Champions area.

    Specifically, in the area bordered by 249, 1960, I45 and Spring-Cypress.

  • How about Rodeo Palms?

  • I’m placing this 1988 residence down 45 South, either Deer Park or League City.

  • Huffman/Humble area?

  • This looks old-ish to me, particularly that wallpaper in the bathroom. There were big houses in the memorial area back in the 1980s, so I’m guessing Memorial, or maybe Bunker Hill.

  • Large tract home (maybe the model) in my guess Greatwood. Built in the early to mid 90’s…

  • Could be Kingwood.

  • the Lakes of Eldridge perhaps?

  • Since everyone else here seems to think this is in the SW area, Im going to run against the flow (a first, I know) and guess this place is in Friendswood.

  • That awful wallpaper in DR & the bath speaks volumes…it’s whispering Klein …or was that Copperfield?

  • I love how they have wallpapered the overhang in the master bath. That takes some true creativity. I’m going to guess West U, which also had a large glut of late 80’s early 90’s red brick box mansions.

  • OTL toward Crosby. Why the hell not?