Neighborhood Guessing Game: The Red Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Living Room and Dining Room

Ready for another round of the Neighborhood Guessing Game? Here goes!

Today’s entry is . . . well, just look at it. And imagine what neighborhood it’s in. And add your guess to the comments section below. And while you’re at it, add to your comment a few of the reasons you think this house is in that neighborhood.

If you name the precise neighborhood before any other commenter, you win! And if you’re especially sharp with your commentary, you get special recognition.

And if you already know this particular house for some reason, please don’t tell us that you know it and how you know it and ruin the game for everyone else, ’kay?

The rest of our interiors-only pictures are below the fold:


Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Dining Room

Any clues here? Hmm . . .

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Den

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Den and Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Office

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Bedroom

Neighborhood Guessing Game 3: Bathroom

Fun, huh? Take it away, readers! Results on Thursday.

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  • I vote for Braeburn Valley. I had a house there several years ago and this reminds me of alot of my house, although the rooms appears to be smaller. My second guess would be Westbury 4 or 5, because it appears to be built in the 60’s as opposed to the 50’s like much of Westbury.

  • The small kitchen suggests an older home, most likely a 50+yr old ~1200 sqft bungalow although its been updated quite nicely. Not many places where an owner would update a bungalow so well without risking the ROI. I say Cherryhurst.

  • It looks like the ubiquitious mid-70’s ranch house with detached garage and brick fireplace that can be found in a huge swath of southwest and west Houston. Some one ponied up for substantial cosmetic improvements, so it must be in a good neighborhood. All that black and white in the kitchen though means it was likely done at least decade ago. Lakeside Place, Breaburn Valley and Westbury are all too far out for a 10-year old re-do. Braes Heights or Meyerland seem a lot more likely. All those improvement dollars were probably wasted becuase it will soon be a tear down.

  • This is definitely a 1960’s to maybe early 1970’s standard Houston rancher, located in a nice enough neighborhood for the improvements made. My S.W.A.G. votes are going to be Maplewood South, Ashford Forest, or Walnut Bend. I’ll throw in Jersey Village for good measure…….

  • I don’t know outside the loop too well, but judging from the what looks like banana tree leaves outside the windows, plus that it’s a ranch or bungalow (no stairs to the 2nd floor in any of the pics), my bet is that it’s a Montrose renovation (tall ceiling in one of the shots). Oh yes, and the artwork :-)

  • I’ll try Inwood Forest. Vauled ceilings and remodeled kitchens due to flooding clue me into my guess. Looks like a nicer 70s home.

  • The overall 1960s feel of the house, especially the small kitchen, but the fact that it’s been updated make me think that this is one of the houses in the Spring Branch area north of I-10, but south of Westview (east of Gessner all the way to about Antoine). People seem to be redoing those right and left in hopes that the little neighborhoods right outside Spring Valley et al will become the next big things.

  • Late 50’s ranch house, nicely redone. Note the diagonally placed brick fireplace – total mid-century modern wannabe built for a middle-aged buyer in 1955. It’s a 3/2, which means it’s probably inside the loop.

    The rooms are too small for this to be a huge ranch like you find in Old Braeswood. Braes Heights and Ayrshire and Woodshire are out, there is no hope for those old ranches. I’ll guess Linkwood.

  • Im going to say Meadows Place .. The vaulted ceiling and fireplace with that long ledge seem to fit well in the neighborhood. Also, the windows in one of the bedroom are kind of high, with that 60s-70s feel.

  • I am going to have to revise my guess! ;-)

    On second thought, I think this could very well be Braes Heights or Ayrshire. The kitchen remodel was done, as someone else said, quite a while ago, before the teardown frenzy would have begun or even been predicted (pre Alison). The master bath isn’t pictured, so I assume that these homeowners have stopped putting money into this house and never finished updating it.

  • Looks like either Shepherd Park Plaza – or – Candlelight Plaza . A simple reno of a Late 60s early 70s rancher – lots of those pretty close in – but I stick with my guesses !

  • You know – could totally be Timbergrove too …. aaaaggghhh , I love this game !