Neighborhood Guessing Game: White Elephant

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Living Room

Okay, Neighborhood Guessing Gamers: Here’s your home. Guess where it is!

If you’ve seen this place before, please be sure to check the rules before you post a comment. But then please do! We could use some tricksters in the mix.

If you haven’t . . . good luck. This one could be a toughie.

When you’re ready to see the rest of the pics of this week’s pad, see below!


Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Entry

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Dining Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Bar

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Stairs

Hey, have a look upstairs! Can you figure out where this is?

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Loft

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Entertainment Area

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Television Area

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Kitchen

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Breakfast Room

Neighborhood Guessing Game 14: Master Bedroom

Go to it, guessers! See you on Thursday with the answer!

Photos: HAR 

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  • New-ish townhouse. Second-story living area, small bedroom with low ceiling, dining/breakfast area overlooks wooded neighborhood. Probably west-facing because of the sunshades. North of Westheimer and probably west of Shepherd, in that town-house filled area south of River Oaks. Somebody’s got some bucks if they can afford to move that piano and that old-school projection TV up that staircase.

  • I say it’s in the Huntingdon Highrise off Kirby near River Oaks. I get this from the view out of the dining room.

  • Ashby High Rise renderings. No doubt.

    Or Memorial between Shepherd and Westcott

  • That pinkish glass looks like the four leaf towers to me.

  • It’s an intown highrise, probably either the one at San Felipe and Weslayan or Westheimer between St. Luke’s Church and Kirby…

    Between the 80’s decor, artwork, low ceilings and fabulous drapery I don’t know where to look next. Gracious sakes alive!

  • Well, this is obviously a high rise. Someone who seems predisposed to purple windows and reminisces about faux dead animals. But the question what part of town has large buildings like this and can hold its fair share of tacky residents? Well, it seems to be Inner Loop. Seriously, only an Inner Looper would have elephant tusks next to their couch. This person has waaaay too much money to spend on trinkets. Looks like an overstocked museum to me. You dont see much out the window as far as buildings go so that has to show the direction this unit is facing. I’ll guess somewhere south, maybe Museum district. Yeah, this guy is some museum curator living in the Museum/Med Center area that likes to take his work home with him. BTW, my Rodin was stolen. I think I see it in these photos. Hello? 911? I have a fashion emergency.

  • Do you smell that?? It smells like old people .. with a hint of Luby’s. I have found that all of the older highrises in Houston smell like this. And this one reeks of mothballs. I was going to say the Riveroaks highrise that is across Westhimer from Chuys but it seems to have been guessed already. So, I am going to say EITHER bayou bend garden highrise… OR the highrises at greenway plaza that have direct access to god via lakewood church. I play my own game here people and in my game I get 2 guesses!

  • With such fabulous decor it should be in Sugarland on a golf course! It seems a bit large for an older building in the inner loop though. I hoped to gather clues from the exterior railing. Could it be a confirmed bachelor’s pad near Woodway? It’s got to be near the Decorative Center – look at those fabrics…I think I still have clothes in the attic that would coordinate with these interiors.

  • I don’t see how it can be “in town”. Take a look out the window. There’s nothing but green space. It’s hard to imagine a high rise in town that wouldn’t have a view of at least a couple tall buildings popping up from the tree tops.

    It’s clearly a two story unit. Must be a penthouse. But it doesn’t look too high up. The building can’t be more than 15-20 stories.

    Maybe it’s on the west side of town with a west facing view. It would suck to have a penthouse facing the wrong direction. I don’t know the names, but aren’t there some ’80s vintage mid-rises out on the west side around Gessner and Memorial?

    There are two patches of green out the window. Is that a golf course? Maybe some forward thinking developer stole (I mean borrowed and never repaid) some S&L money and built a mini-high-rise out in The Woodlands or Champions. I don’t know those ares very well.

  • Gus!! Gus!!! Gus!! you shouldn’t have put that dining room view in here! it gives too much away (I think!) ok, highrise – but is it a penthouse or just two apartments on top of each other? The Four Leaf doesn’t have balaconies except in the penthouses. That greenhouse window is stumping me. It def. is a western exposure/view. High end kitchen and media room. Tacky, tacky decor. I could be really obnoxious and guess the religion here. ok – I”m Jewish, and I have Jewishhouse-dar – so I”m guessing the owners are Jewish! hahah!!! Do I win anything for that guess? It might be the highrise near the medical center and Hermann Park – I think they have windows like this. or else it’s Four Leaf. not sure. But I am sure of their religion!! Any takers for a bet?


  • Yup – this is definitely not inside the loop. Too much wide open space out them thar windows. It is also way too old to be part of the Woodlands Waterway development. Could it be the Endevour? Could it be the Timber Top highrise overlooking Champions Forest and Ravenuaux golf courses WAY up there at Cypresswood and Champion Forest?? I’m going to go with this being a glimpse of the lifestyle of a (very old) northside baller…..

  • I hope I don’t get flamed for being perceived as a racist, but… Some observations:

    – Elephants on the wall, elephant tusks, zebra stripes, general African theme.
    – Lots of bold black-and-white accents, with walls that are much more colorful than off-white or eggshell.
    – Ornate window dressings and furniture.

    In my periodic ogling of houses for sale in Riverside Terrace, I have noticed that some upscale African-Americans decorate in a manner similar to this. I haven’t seen it as much in “white” neighborhoods (inasmuch as a neighborhood can be said to be white or AA).

    Riverside Terrace doesn’t have any highrises that I know of, but I think this is going to be something close by, like the eastern edge of the Med Center area. That would make that an east-facing window, I believe.

  • The pink/purple glass is really throwing me off. I thought it was the Four Leaf Towers, but God help me if people really decorate that way in that building with that much money. Unfortunately, I’ve been in enough open houses to know that people really do decorate that way. My guess is a small mid-rise apartment complex on Augusta south of San Felipe, but north of Westheimer.

  • I forgot to point out that I think you can see the bayou out the window, with trees on either side.

  • I am gonna have to go with the St Clair Condos near the Post Oak YMCA.

  • The decor had me thinking S-land or MO City, but no high-rise living out thataway.

    Judging by the patio railings, view, and 80s-ness decor I have to guess the Timber Top high-rise. Out in Champion Forest, overlooking Raveneaux CC.

  • Once again, I have to ask, how on earth does one locate these decorating monstrosities? HAR must have an “eye-poppingly hideous” checkbox! Anyway, plenty of inner-loop highrises might have no others on the horizon if you’re facing the right way. I’m going to guess 14 or 15 Greenway. Although the buildings are 30 stories, someone might have put together 2 adjacent floors. I can’t think of another highrise with balconies that large.

    Ethnic-theme-wise, who knows? I’ve spotted African prints, a Chinese water-bearer, Roman busts, 30s deco by way of the 80s… I have to go take a Dramamine now.

  • Hermann towers facing EAST? No comment on the decor, I don’t have all day…but I hope they’re Republican.

  • OK, I’m a newcomer to this game, but I thought this one would be easy to track down. However, after checking every zip code I could think of, I’ll just give it up since any of my guesses would just be repeats of someone else’s. I do want to say though, that browsing through the highrises in HAR is a whole other trip from single-family. There is some interesting viewing in there (ie, check out the Hitchcockian kitchen in MLS #4399420). Thanks for pointing the way to the adventure.

  • I’m in stitches over the brilliant comments! You guys ROCK! I am new to SwampLot.
    My beau and I are looking for a new forever home and SwampLot has helped inspire and inform our search. Thank you SwampLot!

    Regarding this guessing game, could it be the Spires? It’s the view that makes me wonder if it is. Regarding the decor, I am speechless and am grateful that I don’t have elephant tusks or bits of anything belonging to an elephant living on items in my current home.

  • I think I saw this place in Big Trouble in Little China.

  • faux greco-roman portrait bust. tack. tack. tack. four leaf towers because of the pink glass? Some older high-rise in the galleria or river oaks area? definitely inside the loop?

  • i just have to add this comment: I wonder what store on Harwin they went to and got all those faux plants and flower arrangments. Anyone care to count the number of them in this condo? I’m getting an allergy attack just looking at those dust collectors. The arrangements on the dining room table alone are enough to make you reach for a sudafed.

  • oops – make that the breakfast room table. sorry. my bad.