Neighbors Glad To See Westbury ‘Eyesore’ Go

NEIGHBORS GLAD TO SEE WESTBURY ‘EYESORE’ GO Appearing in the Daily Demolition Report a week ago, this house at 5822 Cartagena St. met its unmaker yesterday. Teevee reporter Erik Barajas reports that the 2,500-sq.-ft. Westbury home located between Hillcroft and Chimney Rock in Southwest Houston had allowed “drinkers and critters to roam free inside” and annoyed neighbors, who gathered to document the destruction with cell phones: “[I’m] really happy,” Becky Edmondson tells Barajas. “The home has been in disrepair for years. It was stalled in court with a tax sale. . . . [It had] rodents, it was open, it wasn’t secured, the roof was caving in. It was just really a bad eyesore.” Barajas adds that the property has sold and a new home is planned. [abc13; previously on Swamplot] Photo: abc13

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  • Nice to see some positive action around a derelect property. I still have one on my street that I’ve been fighting for 2 years now. The problem is systemic throughout the city.

  • This home has been empty for like 3yrs now might have been a good deal to buy and flip if there was not any major structural issues. Westbury is a hot neighborhood now if it was remodeled nicely it would have sold in less than 90 days. Kinda a shame someone did not flip it

  • The home was past the point of being flipped. It was one of the worst houses I have seen in 13 years in Real Estate. Best use is definitely new construction. There are already few recent homes that have been built very close to this home’s location.