New York Firm Picked for Rothko Chapel Redo

NEW YORK FIRM PICKED FOR ROTHKO CHAPEL REDO Broken Obelisk by Barnett Newman, Rothko Chapel, Menil Collection, HoustonThe board of the Rothko Chapel has recently pinned down Architecture Research Office for a planned redo of the chapel’s lighting system — which executive director David Leslie mentioned earlier this year has been on the board’s wishlist (possibly to be funded by that February Lynn Wyatt auction, which included couture clothing, art, and a Tilda Swinton Skype session).  The company will also update the HVAC system, “retool the entrance vestibule, and renovate the Chapel’s skylight,” writes Nicholas Korody. Also on the docket — a plan for modifications to the surrounding plaza and the reflecting pool where Broken Obelisk will once again sit (after those out-of-town repairs wrap up); Korody says the plan may also involve “several nearby bungalows.” [Archinect, via Curbed; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Barnett Newman’s Broken Obelisk and Rothko Chapel: Ed Uthman[license]

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  • Glad to seed this redo happening.

    Maybe they could put in some windows and slap some paint on those dreary walls. How about Lime Granita SW 6715?

    Freshen up this place!

  • Improved lighting will only highlight the insipidity of the ‘art’.

  • Have to agree with brad m’s comment about livening up the place. While some may call it meditative, I call it a place that sucks the life force out of visitors. I’ve been once and I don’t want to go back to the Rothko Chapel.

  • I thought the point of churches/chapels was supposed to be morbidly depressive inside?
    Anyhow, Rothko committed suicide before the whole thing was even completed so he must not have been a huge fan either.

  • great to hear they’re finally getting around to finishing up those paintings.