Nips and Tucks

NIPS AND TUCKS Asphalt Repair on West Alabama St., HoustonComments have been turned back on and the bandages are off on Swamplot’s new facelift. How ’bout those raised eyebrows? You’ll find a better mobile reading experience, easier links to social media, and larger photos among our new features. There’s plenty of stuff still to clean up post-surgery, though; if you happen upon some things that aren’t working right yet, just drop us a line and let us know. Photo: Kevin Whited

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  • Yea I really like the new site… Big up 2 yall swamplot

  • As long as you don’t hand the commenting over to Livefyre, I’m a happy camper.

  • Very nice! Love the new format!!

  • I like it. Very clean and nicely updated.

  • Love it!—-

  • The website is clean and more accessible. However, I normally read the posts on Feedly and the blog’s formatting and ancillary photos are no longer translating into Feedly.

  • On the main page with the article summaries it doesnt state the number of comments on the article. I dont like clicking on a article if there are no comments.

  • What VMel said.

  • I don’t like it.

    The site takes too long to load; clicking on the “comment” tab takes you immediately to “Leave a Reply,” instead of to the comments themselves (I tend to think that the “Leave a Reply” section should be located under all of the existing comments); the overall website is too white and has too much white space everywhere; the text underneath the introductory 3 pictures at the top of the first page is unreadable unless you scroll over it; and it has a Houston Press Hairballs feel to it (and that’s not a compliment).

  • Photos are more pixelated than before. Probably helps browsing speed, but I preferred the higher res pics.

  • My first comment, which I was unable to post using my preferred browser, was this:
    @Rex, the number of comments is now to the right of the summary, above the timestamp.

    My second comment, which stems from my unsuccessful attempt at my first comment, is this:
    I’m guessing that the “502 Bad Gateway” should be logged, and maybe will be addressed, but then again, maybe not.

  • It takes some getting used to but, I like it. My only comment is that the entire site is justified too far to the right, and needs more of a column, this is a bit disconcerting.

  • Well, sorry, but I’m with Not Interested. A lot of screen real estate being used up with whitespace. On my screen, after the logo line is a “sign up for swamplot emails” block that could be moved over underneath the “search the blog” block in the right hand column, thus dispensing with some of the white space and double copies of social media logos.

    I also like having the comment leaving area UNDER The comments that have already been written.

    Don’t take it personally!! Just my 2 cents.

  • I use a Galaxy Note and the desktop version would work just fine on my handheld…the mobile version on my handheld is retrograde. Can we have a choice? I use other website that ask which version that I prefer (mobile vs. desktop) and because my phone is designed to use this way I always prefer desktop.

  • I agree with the above poster – the “leave a reply” section should be below the comments, at least if you want folks reading the conversation first before throwing in their opinion

  • It is all f-ed up when I go to the site on Internet Explorer. Links to demo-ed buildings do not work. I could not post a comment to this post. The front page is all stretched out and you have to scroll down to get to the content.

    It works just fine with Chrome. But there are some dinosaurs like me who still use IE out of habit and a general old fogieness.

  • The formatting of the excerpts from the RSS feed are all messed up.

  • Ugh. REALLY dislike the ‘Sponsored Post’ thing today. The plethora of ads on the right is one thing, but making an ad look like a story is just pathetic. I thought Swamplot had more self respect than to accept advertising that way. I personally think it is a step in the wrong direction.

  • The RSS feed has line feeds instead of formatting for viewing. All the lines come out crowded together on my feed reader, like this one from “Brewster Brew” today:

    “Could plow through these quickly in the morning, get back in time for afternoon refreshment. Commercial Structures 9801 Katy Fwy. 77024 Residences 3316 Ozark St. 77021 (garage) 1020 W. 26th St. 77008 (garage only; photos) 2934 Brewster St. 77026 (Angiers)…”

    etc. etc. No line breaks.

  • The new site is nearly unreadable in Feedly. Posts are truncated, and lists such as headlines and demo reports appear in a jumble with no line breaks and no hyperlinks. Booooo!

  • Rss? It isn’t very user friendly at all.

  • Looks better on a tablet than on a pc.