No More Jim Walter Homes

NO MORE JIM WALTER HOMES It’s too late to buy a home in Houston from Jim Walter Homes — though the company website reports orders are still being taken for new homes in Houma, Louisiana. Parent company Walter Industries, based in Florida, is getting out of the homebuilding business. Jim Walter Homes had not been profitable “for several years”: “. . . the business, once known for its flash construction, caught a reputation for moving at a snail’s pace. Walter Industries decided to close the dwindling homes leg and work toward becoming a focused natural resources and energy business — a greater value to shareholders, [communications director Michael] Monahan said.” [St. Petersburg Times; website]

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  • Gee, what a shock.

  • JC,

    I’m not sure what you mean by your comment. In this time of builders closing the door, not paying the bills, and leaving homeowners stranded with liens & no warranty, Jim Walters has said they are going to close down in an orderly fashion, finish any homes started, and honor all warranty work.

    Would that all businesses operate in such an honorable manner!