Not Even Trying

“I’ve often thought about calling the owner of the lot and asking how much the property is selling for,” writes Swamplot reader Katie Pearson of this not-for-sale sign on JFK Blvd. near Greens Rd., just south of IAH. “The five foot tall digits of the phone number are just so irresistible!”

Photo: Katie Pearson

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  • i called. The man who answered the phone said 20 dollars a square foot.

  • That is genuinely surreal. The only way it could be equaled would be if instead of “Property Not For Sale” it simply said “Whatever” and a phone number.

  • “i called. The man who answered the phone said 20 dollars a square foot.”

    If my math is correct, that is roughly $871K an acre!

  • Did you counter, telling him what you would NOT pay for it?

  • “Yes, I’m calling about the property that’s not for sale. No, I’m not interested in buying it.”

  • My wife and I always laugh when we see that sign on the way to the airport. I’ve really thought hard about what exactly the rationale was behind putting it up.

  • The best part of this article is knowing a genuine member of the B-52’s is sending tips in to Houston’s Swamplot!

  • @beetle:

    Some people are motivated when they’re told that they can’t do something. Clearly it wouldn’t make sense to post a number for a property not for sale.

  • @ takeshi:

    Dunno….sounds a lot like the billboards that read “Does advertising work? This just proved it!!!” Uhh, not so much – I still haven’t ever rented a billboard for any purpose.

  • $20 a square foot?

    I’ll take a couple of feet. Can I pick which ones?

  • Here in Southern California, I occasionally see a sign – planted in a lot much like that (except without the walkway) reading


    I can only assume buyers with really low expectations.

    You could probably start an entire thread of signs with “odd” spelling and grammar.

  • In google maps the sign is different: