Pappas Doubles Up Downtown; State Gives Up on Fort Crockett

lockwood:eastwood green line metro light rail stop

Photo of the Lockwood/Eastwood light rail station: Alex Luster via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • It sounds like the heights folks have finally gone as low as they can go.

    The Leader story apparently does not tell the complete tale. They fired the man because he didn’t ask their permission to spend $5000 of his money to build a train for the kids. Then the HHA president hires his own brother to fill the position of the fired man. That stinks.

    Surely they have more of a reason. Or, are they that stupid?

  • With all the references to insurance in the article, it sounds as though the firing is due to the threat of the association getting sued if a kid injures themselves on the equipment. Not to defend the association’s actions in the least, but I’m sure it began as a preventative measure to legally protect themselves. If anyone should be blamed, it’s the personal injury lawyers and the lawsuit-happy culture they’ve built.

  • Let’s see. Heights Association President fires paid custodian of park. President then puts his own brother in the paid position. Association President also advertises heavily on Swamplot.. Bingo, no negative comments about Association President posted. Is this Houston or Washington?

  • And dont forget, they are willing to keep the train since the insurance company said its ok.

  • I cant decided whether I am happy that someone is actually auditing and/or looking into Metro or scared that the Feds are poking their head around everywhere in the name of security.