In the Details of an Overhauled Buy-or-Rent Home in Oak Forest


Close-up photos take the lead in this listing of an updated 1946 Oak Forest home near Stevens Elementary School that appeared yesterday. Isn’t that all you need? They hint at the spaces present in the 1,000-ish-sq.-ft. floor plan . . .












Even outdoor features get their close-up:


Okay, it’s not all myopia. We do get a few peeks at the flow between rooms:


The updated kitchen, dubbed “vintage modern” in the listing, has concrete countertops and floors:




Medusa Properties dismantled and rebuilt the home, which sits on a 7,200 sq. ft. lot a couple houses east of Rosslyn Rd.



The garage and utility shed also got a perky new look — and a little more of that red accent paint:




Several previous listings of the property (by the same agent) date back to October 2010; the asking price has bounced around between $239,900 and $160,000. The current post-renovation listing has a $329,490 price tag and mentions the property is for sale or lease. But the leasing details are reserved for the Medusa website, where the property appears to have a little more square footage and an $1895-per-month rental rate. One detail not in the listing photos is the reduced-speed-limit school zone sign at the end of the driveway, which extends across the front of the property.

It’s the Little Things

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  • I nostalgia’d hard – when I was apt hunting many years ago Medusa properties were all over craigslist, and I recognized the work instantly. Beautiful!

  • I’ve seen his listings before. In fact as soon as I saw the photos I knew who it was. He has some odd fascination with taking micro photos of a light bulb. I don’t get it.

    Sorry but you can’t zoom in on a door knob and get an extra $100k for your house.

    All in all the upgrades to this house look pretty poor.

  • That range hood looks completely useless.

  • I can’t imagine trying to clean that vent hood. It is mounted much higher then most vent hoods.

  • Why have I never thought about mounting a microwave at eye level above a sink? Genius!

  • They couldn’t extend the door frame molding down to the floor level? Ugly and shoddy.

  • Professional stove, but the hood should be no more than about 36″ above. As already commented, useless.

  • It’s a “fun” looking remodel, though I’d be surprised if that area would support those prices. That’s hitting “inside the loop” money.
    The Medusa guy has some design skills I wish I had, though I’m still not sure all the hyper close up photos of light fixtures sells a place. But eh, I could be wrong… As always, I wish him luck… I wish anyone luck that takes on the thankless job of turning around old beat up properties. It can be profitable but it’s not for the faint of heart.

  • I used to live in this amazing house and I wish I still did!! The only reason I left was due to a break up and I could not afford the rent all on my own.

    I loved the fact that this house was updated when it easily could have been torn down and turned into one of those terrible huge rebuilds on many of the other streets in Oak Forest. I loved that I could bike to Petrol Station all of the time. I loved having the outdoor “dacha” (as Jared called it) in the backyard for year-long white lights to hang, a hammock and plenty of space for a breakfast table and work space for smellier art projects. I loved having a spot for compost and garden. I hope the tenant after me enjoyed all of the tomatoes and eggplants and herbs I grew from seed out there!

    I cooked all of the time in that house. Never had a problem….
    I also think the inside/outside of the loop comment is pretty funny. I’ve lived in Montrose for over 10 years except for the time I spent in Oak Forest. I was adamantly against living beyond the loop until I found this place. So while I get what he is saying, It is hardly outside of the loop and Oak Forest is only continuing to grow in desirability and price.

    He put a ton of detail and custom work into the house. Not a single element felt like it was some bare minimum Home Depot upgrade at all. The concrete counter tops and exposed floors were some of my favorite parts to the house. He’s proud of the level of work he does and so he shows that off with all of these close up shots. What’s wrong with detail shots exactly? Any other “upgrades” I’ve seen in the area look soooo depressing compared to the level of style and taste Jared instilled in this little home.

    Hands down, this is the nicest place I have ever lived and almost fear it might be the nicest place I ever do get to live. I’m a teacher. I’ve crunched many numbers and totally can not afford it. BUT IF I could afford it, I’d buy it in a heartbeat – especially since Jared put up the fence. As much as I loved our sweet next door neighbor, I wanted a dog and couldn’t do that with an open backyard. Speaking of dogs, the house is also only blocks away from the dog park and running trail. I miss being that close to a running trail and park.