Pat Green’s Downtown Venue Sets Opening Date; Accounting for the ‘Harvey Effect’ in August Housing Comparisons

Photo of the University of Houston-Downtown: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Tour of the “Near Northside”

    More like a tour of Midtown and Downtown with a few parks and insignificant buildings in the Near Northside. Better recheck the real article’s title again …. it was “A Tour on the Red Line TO the Near Northside”

  • And the supposed future star of Near Northside, the “mixed use” Hardy Yards, recently submitted their variance request for construction of a several-hundred unit apartment complex right next to the light rail station. Not only is it not mixed use, it’s the car-oriented apartment style you find in the ‘burbs, where more surface area is parking than building. Pretty much exact opposite of what they have been promising.