Paying for Cost Overruns on UH’s New TDECU Stadium; The Last-Minute Settlement in the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Trial


Photo of West Loop: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Oh, just increase the Student Activity Fee to $1k or so…why not? Student loans pay for it! Free Money! (Sarcasm, if you hadn’t noticed!)

  • State cuts funding to UH—> UH raises fees—> People get mad at—->wait for it—–UH! Priceless!

  • @Michael Bludworth The solution to your financial woes is easy, let the free market immerse you in its wonderful magical powers. The free market will guide you to pull yourself up from your bootstraps, it will guide you to get another job to work concurrently while receiving your public education, and finally it will guide you to work and study over 12 hours a day just to make ends meet. ISNT THAT WONDERFUL!? now stop complaining and get to work!

  • Good comment NotCommonSense. That’s exactly what I did and it worked very well for me.

  • Lol. I’m with jgriff. the commonsense spoof account pretty much described my education. I had no money. Went to community college while working full time to pay for it. No car (bought a moped). It sucked. Got accepted into a good school when I was done, but couldn’t afford it. Started working a second job instead. Did well there. Saved my money, went into business for myself.
    As much as we like to make fun(for some reason), often times working hard and making good decisions is the answer. Not everyone who does well was born into their position. Often times they just lucked out had parents who, while modest in wealth, wouldn’t put up with laziness.

  • Yeah, same here. UH having been positioned as a large low-services low-cost university in a large city enabled anybody that was willing to work long hours and be a bit miserly to graduate debt-free and perhaps even with a respectable savings and some years of professional experience under their belt. My GPA certainly reflected these priorities, but nobody of consequence has ever asked about it because I had work history and references.

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