Will This Updated Park-View Home in the East End Flip for $339K?



Overhauled this year, a 1935 Broadmoor foursquare across the street from a small park is aiming for a sale price of $339,000 — after a purchase in August 2013 for $127,500. What comes with a more-than-$200K bounce? Some of the updates to the property, which is located west of Telephone Rd. and near the neighborhood’s namesake street, include a renovated kitchen and bathrooms, roof, electrical and plumbing systems, and air conditioning. But the home’s interior has kept its 80-year-old proportions, trim, and efficient floor plan:



An off-center porch entry lands in the front room, the back of which houses the staircase (pictured at the top of this story).


French doors separate the living and dining rooms. The latter’s finishes include a triple window and an accent wall of wooden planks (also uncovered in the stairwell).




The revised kitchen’s peninsula extends the counter surface and under-counter storage:


All 4 bedrooms are upstairs; each has a 10-ft. dimension. The master suite (measuring 10 ft. by 14 ft.) accesses a corner deck  at the back of the 2,304-sq.-ft. home:






This appears to be the home’s other full bathroom:


A porch on the back of the home faces southwest:


There’s a driveway but no garage. Instead, a portion of the back lot houses an extra building with kitchenette and toilet:


Broadmore-Kretschman Park is right across the street from the property’s 6,250-sq.-ft. lot:


A Broadmoor Foursquare

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  • $350k is a respectable amount as it translates to monthly mortgage payments, who in the world that can afford those payments wants the live in THAT area? And how in the world do you get comps to justify the $350k price surrounded by $120k rubble?

  • Pretty house; not worth 339 but who knows? Buyers have been paying aggressive prices.

  • Does it really count as a flip if it’s been more than a year? A lot of the increase in list price here has to be attributed to market growth over the last 15 months. With all of that said, it’s a nice renovation and a neat old house, although I don’t know if it’s worth $337k in that neighborhood.

  • I’ve seen the house — in fact, you can’t miss it! The screaming yellow exterior paint job is almost dayglo. When will the current gang of East End flippers and their potential customers realize that gussying up an honest, early 20thC foursquare or bungalow with cheesy materials from the Bigbox store doesn’t automatically turn it into a $300K-plus showplace?

  • Very nice, but I don’t like the new kitchen. Seems out of place in a house like that.

  • The pioneer in flipping over there was the Garland company, which actually did a nice job, installing restored footed bathtubs, using the octagon shaped little tile in the baths, arts and crafts light fixtures etc. Finishes that actually went with the character of the house. They are gone and now there are flippers trying to make them look like a brand new house in Pearland or a Perry townhome inside. They miss the mark most times unfortunately. As for price, it used to be you had to be in Eastwood proper or Idylwood, and these areas in between weren’t doing much. Recently though, the game seems to be changing. Behind this one there were 3 new constructions In-Town homes built, with some going over $400k, so if the market holds for a few more years, it looks like the die is cast for that area.

  • Just because you ask for the moon doesn’t mean that you will get it…..

  • Big house for the area but no garage. The neighborhood is well located and will hold value and the redo looks predictable but that’s what average buyers probably want. $339K seems steep but the East End is now known as safe, hip and up-and-coming so this price when compared to the West End/Heights is fair…and the appraisers can probably get away with using comps from its sisternabe Eastwood.

  • I like the house and the neighborhood has some nice properties. Lots of potential. I guess we’ll see what the current naysayers have to say in about 5 years (regarding this neighborhood).

  • I’d buy it just to NOT be neighbors with “commonsense”.

  • I LOVE me some four-square! Such a space-efficient design.

  • I drove by this house on the weekend. I would love for this area to “clean up” but it’s just not there yet. I know people swear up and down that Broadmoor is safe and they are probably not inaccurate. But to be honest it doesn’t look safe and that’s probably all that matters.

  • This is in my neighborhood.
    Over the past 6 years the cleanup has been slow. maybe 1 or 2 renovations a year.
    Over the past year things have really picked up. Next to this house there’s a new construction from maybe 2 years ago, right behind this are 3 lots that were torn down and new construction went up (and sold quickly) just under a year ago. I think the price on those 3 were between 250-300. There is an old 8plex that burned and has since been gutted, they are turning it into a duplex (I suspect that’s what it had been previously).
    There are at least 4 other houses that I’ve spied on my daily route that are being updated, or have been updated. Yes, this house is on the high end, but there are going to be more examples like this home soon.
    5 years ago you could get a 3 BR with no central AC/heat for about 50k, not updated. updated you could get them for around 100-125k. Now, non-updated homes go for 100k, and updated homes go for 200.
    If you wanted to get in when it was cheap, that ship has sailed. If you want to get in while it is still decently priced, jump in now. If you are afraid of the people who live here currently, stay away cause I don’t want you as my neighbor.

  • Toasty, I’m sure you love your neighborhood but a quick drive in the area / search on HAR in that area shows there are still many houses one can get for what many people consider cheap. I don’t think it’s a question of whether some houses are no longer cheap as they were at one point, we all know they aren’t, but for that area they are unnecessarily higher. Why would someone pay almost 400,000 for a house there when you can get one in more desirable up and coming locations for the same if not slightly more?

  • Going once..going twice…SOLD!