Plenty of Expensive Homes for Sale in Afton Oaks

PLENTY OF EXPENSIVE HOMES FOR SALE IN AFTON OAKS Judy Thompson updates the neighborhood stats: “The Zip Code Feeling the Most Pain is . . . . definitely 77027, the Afton Oaks area. Today’s market condition update shows six of its eight price ranges to be . . . a buyer’s market. This is happening at the high end, a result of so much redevelopment during the past decade. This zip code also experienced the highest appreciation in recent years in price per square foot paid so you might say they experienced a slight ‘bubble’ that is now bursting.” [Strictly a Buyer’s Agent]

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  • I believe it. Nobody in Afton Oaks really WANTS to live there. They have their eye on River Oaks, or Briargrove Park, or Memorial, or West U, Tanglewood. EVERYBODY there is movin’ on up if you ask them. “we see this place as an investment, we really need to move to _______.” it is funny and the slow sales has smoked them out!

  • It truly couldn’t happen to better bunch of NIMBYs.

  • Maybe a light rail stop would help to staunch the bleeding.