Porter’s Grand Pkwy.-Fueled Transformation; Freedmen’s Town Brick Mediation Goes Nowhere


Photo of Bishop’s Palace, Galveston: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Channel 39’s NewsFix was doing their “Pothole of the Day” segment LONG before the other channels, yet no recognition in that article?! All the more reason why I don’t bother watching KPRC, KRIV, KTRK and KHOU.

  • What benefit does Memorial Hermann gain from selling off and then leasing back all of their buildings? So, they’d have to break their leases, sell the buildings, and then get new leases?

    I wonder who owns the land where all those hospital buildings are sitting?

  • Little: Internet. All the more reason I have no idea what any of those stations are :)

  • Re: bricks

    I’m interested in what type of concessions were offered by the pro-brick crowd. Unfortunately, the article doesn’t elaborate.

    While I realize the city can be heavy-handed sometimes in managing impactful projects, everything I’ve read so far shows that COH has bent over backwards to be accommodating on this one. Mediation only works when both sides are willing to make some compromises.

  • Never thought of Porter as “sleepy”, exactly. The lacking “amenities” are likely all available off 1960 in Humble, though avoiding that area is understandable.

  • @ Nikolas: Memorial Hermann currently owns their own buildings. They’ll pitch themselves as a highly creditworthy tenant that’ll be net leasing their buildings for a very long time, so the cap rates on the sales will be extremely low. It’ll make them flush with cash but with a lease obligation. (The deal is sort of akin to taking out corporate debt, but by other means.)

  • If you need assistance with even a 3% downpayment, you probably shouldn’t be buying a house just yet, because your financial situation isn’t solid enough. Whatever happened to saving up money for a downpayment? For that matter, whatever happened to the concept of a starter home?

    I know this ventures solidly into “you kids get off my lawn” territory, but why do the millennials think that their first house purchase has to be immediately after graduation from college? Why does it have to be as big and as nice as mommy and daddy’s house that they grew up in? Why does their first job have to be their dream job? And why do they think their situation is unique in history?

  • Re: the Bishop’s Palace in Galveston,TX. Is an example of how to properly build a structure , resistant to hurricanes and flooding. Not the NC ( new construction ) crap that passes for ” quality ” these days. None of which I would buy except some of custom SFR’s….

  • I quite agree that Porter doesn’t need an infusion of malls, homes and fast-food. But how perfectly the building of a new loop spurs construction!
    Residents of remote communities like them being less urbanized; Affordable land, slower lifestyle, kids in 4H, bicycle to the store…
    But it’s hard to say “no” to a pile of money for your little pine forest. And so the dominoes fall and everything’s up for grabs.
    Greater Houston needs a PLAN for its inevitable sprawl due to population growth. We need green space, forest and water retention for the future quality of life – not just for looks and for recreation, but to actually assuage climate variations.