Price Dips on Most Expensive Houston Home Listing; The Flood Control Projects Houston Plans to Submit for FEMA Mitigation Money; More Art Off I-10

Photo of McGovern Centennial Gardens, Hermann Park: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I’ve walked that Carnarvon house while it was under construction (for many years and several GC changes). The only reason it’s that many square feet is because it’s just a box. A lot of money was spent on finishes but as we all know you never get money back that you overspend on a house. Given historical market of these over the top and way out there on the fringes priced homes, I’d give it a hard $15mil sales price, no more.

  • Re: Heights Getting a Pride Wall at Jenni’s Noodle House on 20th St.
    Que up the conservative Christians. “God said being gay is unnatural! Take this filth off! This is Texas not liberal California!”

  • Re: Residents need salary of $27,067 to own a home in Houston right now
    This is ridiculous for several reasons: if someone with that low of a salary is owning a home, they may only be paying the property taxes since they bought it free and clear with their lottery winnings.
    Or, they aren’t reporting their “real” salary to the IRS. Or, they are owning one of those Tiny Homes.
    Therefore, I slap the “Fake News!” label on that article. (slap)

  • Does HEBBetterThanKroger do anything besides complain about conservatives? Holy cow, give it a rest. No ones gives a damn about your soapbox or political views.

  • I’m sure the Pride Wall will be cool, but I really, really, liked that gorilla painting!

  • Wolf Brand-I’m with you. That barely gets a car, garage apartment and groceries.
    HEB- thanks for taking a harmless art story and shi***** on it. It’s really getting stale.

  • @Gary Deller, I haven’t seen anything of value they’ve contributed. It seems as if they spend a lot of time focused on what other people think.

  • Does culture map even have an editor to prevent credibility wrecking headlines like this one?