Project Brays’s Successes and Failures; Hydroelectric Power at Lake Livingston; Beatles on the Move

Flooding on North Fwy. North of Downtown Houston, May 26, 2015

Photo of I-45 from North St. on Tuesday: Bill Shirley [license]


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  • Star Cinema Grill and Santikos Palladium are going to have to duke it out. That may be more entertaining than most newly released movies.

  • Anyone have any idea how many total-loss houses there are, roughly?

  • Tear Down and Build New…. It’s what we do in Houston. But this time build pier/beam or higher off the ground. Better yet, build out of concrete. House floods no problem. Wash it out and move back in.

  • The part of Project Brays on the East End in Mason Park did well, but it was completed. They had added the salt water marshes on the north side of the bayou and a detention pond/wildflower pit on the south side and both weren’t close to capacity, despite handling all of that upstream water.
    And I doubt if a single home or business on the East End flooded but it’s always been fairly dry during floods. If the founders of Houston had realized how safe the eastern areas of this area were from flooding compared to the northern and western areas they would have built the city over here. On second thought..I recall reading that the Allen brothers actually tried buying land in Harrisburg but no one was selling they settled on land upstream instead.

  • Dana-X,
    Four of the remaining homes in Idylwood that face Brays Bayou did flood, substantially, in spite of all the work done on it in that area.

  • Ah yes…Idylwood. I completely forgot about those houses along the bayou. Sad to hear about them but nature is persistently letting us know where we can live and where we can’t.