Daily Demolition Report: Knox to Ground

446 Southchester Ln., Wilchester West, Houston

We come to raze houses, not to bury them.


Commercial Structures


Photo of 446 Southchester Ln.: HAR

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  • Boo for the cute bungalow on Pacific.
    That Southchester house looks like it’s missing a bathroom window above the front door. My dad used to call this style 5-4-and-a-door.

  • That Southchester house looks just like our first home that was in Candlelight Oaks. I loved that house even though it was a stone’s throw away from the ghetto on Antoine and Tidwell.

    @Googlemaster – Agree that it looks like there is a window missing. Our old house that looked just like this had a small hexagon-shaped window directly above the front door.