Replacing the Yale St. Bridge; More ‘Class Warfare’ Graffiti in Oak Forest

21 eleven constuction at 2111 westheimer

Photo of 21 Eleven construction at 2111 Westheimer: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • “Class Warfare” is just the latest en vogue past time for underachievers and hipsters. I sleep well at night knowing that ilk can never and will never have any power or impact on the real world and will merely be the subjects of a few chuckles around the golf course.

  • There is a street plan!

  • I just moved into Oak Forest last week, and have been told twice already oh so you white folks are moving in here now? Granted I’m on the NW side. And Commonsense, you used to have precisely that and now you’re just spouting off jilted diatribes and utterly pointless jabs. Commonsense, maybe if you’re >70 years old and bitter.

  • cm: You should have heard some of the things shouted to me as we’ve fixed up properties in the third ward. Violent crazy racist stuff.

  • cm: It’s very sad that in Houston people can have that attitude in this point in time. I’m not sure about the sections west of White Oak (15, 16, 17), but east of the bayou, Oak Forest’s always been a traditionally very “Anglo”. Many (maybe all) used to have deed restrictions about who you could sell your house to, which were officially taken out in the 80’s or thereabouts. When we moved here in ’98, we hadn’t even considered it, because we hadn’t heard about it, just told the realtor we were priced out of the Heights but could he suggest an alternative. When we moved it and got to know neighbors, we quickly realized that it was pretty much non-racially diverse–sometimes with very outright declarations and sometimes very subtle (which weren’t really, since growing up just outside of Chicago on the south side, one really learned what subtle racially discriminatory code words and phrases were).