Rig Vote in League City

RIG VOTE IN LEAGUE CITY League City’s city council voted last night to double the minimum distance oil and gas rigs must keep back from most buildings, including homes. The new requirement is 600 ft., though some residents of the Magnolia Creek subdivision — right next door to one of 2 proposed new drilling sites in the city — had hoped to get a 1000-ft. buffer approved. [abc13; more info; previously on Swamplot] Photo: abc13

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  • This is why Woodlands fights tooth and nail to buy Mineral Rights with every new property purchase. They can’t even slant drill that way.

  • Does no one remember BRIO?

  • Not quite sure what Brio has to do with drilling…Brio was a dumping site…that operated at an old refinery.

    Drilling was not a problem, and is still relatively safe.

  • Does no one remember THE ALAMO?

  • #1 commonsense:

    How do they “fight tooth and nail”?

    If the Woodlands wants the property and the land/mineral owner does not want to part with the mineral rights, what happens?

    No sale.