River Oaks District Increases Footprint; A $3.6M I-45 Entrance Ramp Fix


Photo of partially defunct Humble-area subdivision: telwink via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Living north on the east end I am not happy all all with the lack of communication or community outreach on this. Our area on the corner of I-10 and 59 will be one of the worst impacted areas and there has been zero outreach to our area

  • the better way to spend that 3.6 million is to close that entrance from allen parkway to 45s. After you’ve spent 100k putting in jersey barriers that will block the entrance and removed the signs, put the remaining 3.5 million into more bicycle lanes like are on lamar street.
    think about it, if this 6 billion boondoggle goes through there won’t be any access to 45s from allen parkway anyway. best to start getting used to it now.

  • Re: $3.6 million to fix ramp from Allen Parkway to 45 South
    That thing is both scary and crazy – I love riding in the middle lane headed south and watching as people realize that they are on this Scary Ramp and have an “oh, sheet” moment. There’s a less crazy ramp that comes in from the right-hand side, too.
    Best part is that there’s an entry on Houston Yelp for “The Scary Ramp”. (tips hat) Link: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-scary-ramp-houston?hrid=fGtPlWx-WG3mzPNvU-r_bA

  • I’ve always enjoyed the 45S and the 45N ramp. Never have understood all the ramp fear.

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