SkyHouse River Oaks Move-In Ready; A New Dining Option at the Dr Gleem’s Car Wash


Photo: telwink via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I have to wonder why Texas Cafeteria was gutted. Would have been much easier to permit a restaurant remodel. Oh, and when are the regular Swamplot posts coming back???

  • Just north of Rice Village, Montrose is more pedestrian and bike friendly. In fact, developers are showing interest in the Richmond and Alabama corridor between Dunlavy and Shepard to create mixed use properties like you have in Highland Village but with housing on top. Montrose has always been known for high walk ability score, and this area is equidistant between West U and River Oaks making it a great spot for upscale yet casual fare.

  • Is swamplots coming back? Summer is over.

  • Unfortunately, Maria does not know about what really goes on at Dr. Gleem Car Wash.