Robert Durst’s Rice Village Condo Collection; AstroWorld Remnants on eBay


Photo: Jackson Myers via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • From a real estate point of view I felt sorry for the Robinhood owners, because of the effect having Durst in their building has had on their resale market.
    But then they were such jerks about that little bar, so “That’s karma, y’all…..”

  • Durst bought Robinhood Unit 801 from Mark Thuesen. Hmmm…that name rings a bell.

  • Amusing that so many crazy people all decided to move into the same building.

  • Abandoned Commercial Strip Center on West Belfort Ave. Demolished in Effort To Spark Economic Development ?!?!? I call bullshit. I live down the street. That center has been mostly empty for many, many years and of the 2 buildings torn down yesterday the two-story former Gary Green office has been falling down and rotting forever. The second, a former gas station had been in use as a car repair shop until recently. The reason all this activity is happening now? A 24 hour fitness is going into that block. Only after the owner got setback variances for the new construction has any activity toward tearing these buildings down happened. I don’t know what may have been happening behind the scenes but for Larry Green to jump on the bandwagon and take credit is the worst kind of opportunism. Where was his Clean It Up, Green It Up campaign for the many years that these buildings have been an empty, falling down eyesores? I imagine the rest of the city will see this story and think, “How nice.” but area residents know the score.

  • @Marco DuBose: Westbury and the city have been trying to tear down that strip center for many years. The owner kept blocking them, but refused to sell it for a reasonable price until 24 Hour Fitness bought it. The Westbury Crier has been full of these stories.