Rothko Chapel Closing for Restoration; Mayor’s Nonprofit To Manage 15 HISD Schools; 290 Slowly Making Progress

Photo of Milam at McKinney: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • If you have never been to one of these public meeting about “Saving” the schools, you should definitely go. Bring some popcorn and video tape the whole thing. Subjects include:
    – People are playing loud noises through all hours of the night
    – Gentrification is ruining this neighborhood
    – The bus route changes are horrible
    – Hello everyone, I’m a community activist and I’m running for City Council
    – When I went to this school back in 19XX it was great and I remember Mrs. XXXX teaching me and she was great

    Anyways, enjoy

  • I am so over mapping out phenomena based on census tract. I get it, it makes it way easier to bin the data, but it is just doesnt work for most locational analysis. So what if i dont have a daycare in a census tract that might only be 1/4 a square mile? There might still be one 5 blocks away!