2 More Randalls Bow Out: New Territory and The Woodlands Northern Outskirts

It’s not just the Shepherd Square flagship store that’s biting the dust: Locations in the eponymous New Territory Randalls Center (pictured at top) off the Grand Pkwy. and in the Windvale Center (pictured above) on the northern edge of The Woodlands at College Park Dr. and FM 1488 are goners, too. All 3 stores will shut down around December 1, a spokeswoman tells Swamplot.

At the Windvale Center, the closure will leave behind a nearly 57,000-sq.-ft. hole in the middle of the property, mapped out in this old leasing flyer:


Randalls’ gabled haircut there rises above the rest of the rest of the shopping center’s roofing like so:

At the New Territory location, 45,000 sq.-ft. will become empty:

Photos: Fidelis (New Territory Randalls and neighbors); LoopNet (Windvale Center); Bunny G. (Randalls at the Windvale Center). Maps: LoopNet (Windvale Center); Fidelis (New Territory)

Flagship and Friends

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  • It’s way past time they leave. Poor selection and even worse service. While HEB thrives a block away, Randall’s does on the vine. I hope the center reinvents itself and doesn’t die like Shepherd Plaza.

  • I tend to forget that Randalls even exists. The two-story Bellaire HEB catches all of my attention with the Randalls across the street forgotten. The West Holcombe store seems to have an air of despair. I guess it is lucky that no rival is right there to push it over the precipice.

  • Good riddance to sucky selection and high prices. Randalls was decent back when Ron Stone was still reporting the news but they don’t even appear to be attempting to compete these days.

  • My wife had to argue with the store manager over smelly lunch meat expired before its date. We knew then that the store at 242/1488 was doomed on customer service alone -in 2009.

  • When you sell your businesses and debt to private equity firms, you can expect that they will squeeze you out of business. That’s how they make money.

  • I’m surprised that The Woodlands location held on as long as it did. Since HEB opened down the road it had become a convenience store. HEB has better variety and lower prices. I sympathize with the Randall’s employees but HEB’s are almost always hiring.

  • I hope it becomes a Fiesta.

  • I love my local Randall’s. Easy to reach, plenty of parking, no crowds. Buying mere groceries is not worth the freaking madness that is HEB.

  • Talked to the checkout staff and will be closing on Dec 1st. Currently there is a store wide sale, advertised at up to 50% off, though only item 50% off is greeting cards. Most things are 5%-10% off, bringing prices in line with HEB. Really hope another grocery store moves in here but haven’t heard anything. Would be fantastic if H-mart or another Asian grocer wanted to get an inside the loop footprint.