Second Katy Stadium Revealed; Cartier’s Jump Start in the River Oaks District


Photo of Market Square Tower/Critical Mass: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Luxury Home Builder in Rice Military: “These are timeless and classic homes built with real wood and stone. There’s a heritage and soul behind our products.” — If you’re dropping a twelve pack in Rice Military I’m pretty sure that guarantees your soul a lower spot on the totem pole at the time of reincarnation. How is this news anyway? You could go out and find any other builder doing the same exact thing as this group and you’d get the same fluffy description of what they are erecting. It would be like a hot dog at the ball park being sold as “Built with luxury in mind and a deep history of heritage and soul, this bologna was hand crafted by fourth generation Italian artisans who were individually blessed by the angel David to deliver the arch covenant of meat carefully nestled between the finest piece of organic operable bread and paired with locally cured condiments.”

  • You know, I’d buy that dog just to hear the spiel. The “home builder” not so much.

  • Who would make money by bulldozing that church near the railroad tracks in the 5th ward? Land in that area is DIRT cheap. The only people buying into 5th ward north of I-10 are developers that want to hold onto land for 10+ years and anyone running an affordable housing program.

  • Wow, the way they sell themselves I can imagine Ferrari like craftsmen wearing clean suits and drinking Pellegrino. I can’t imagine that the lowest bid wins and the same hung over laborers will spill onto the property from their clown van.

  • Re: Luxury Home Builders in Rice Military
    I had a great chuckle at Toby’s analogy – hilarious because it is so true with all of the fluff and bluster of marketing.
    For fun, I clicked on the link and saw the “Exclusive” lead on the headline. Really? This is a journalistic scoop? I seriously doubt that the news of another cramped development in the Washington Avenue area would be earthshaking.

  • Look at all of those selfish fools breaking traffic laws in the pic.