Seen on the Street: Living Large

To start our latest installment of fun pix from around town, Jay Lee snaps scenes from this week’s flooding — in a neighborhood near Kirkwood and Briar Forest.

Oh, but there’s more!


Next, Mr. Kimberly catches this view of a stealth fighter and wayward missile at the Texas Pipe & Supply Co. compound off 288 just south of Holmes Rd.:

Meanwhile, Flickr user MiniLaura is packed and ready to leave her Houston home:

And wrapping it all up, expert handlers grapple with a reluctant giant arachnid on a pier at San Francisco’s South Beach:

What’s going on here? It’s Louise Bourgeois’s 2 1/2-ton bronze Crouching Spider sculpture. Photographer and Flickr user Dave R. reports:

This spider was on loan from the artist and with the approval of the San Francisco Port Commission stayed in front of Pier 14 but now is on its way to Houston, Texas to a private collector. I heard that it sold for anywhere between $600000 to 6 Mil.

Photos: Jay Lee (flooding; license); Mr. Kimberly (fighter; license); Flickr user MiniLaura (Living Room); Flickr user Dave R (spider; license)

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  • $600k to 6Mil? I would question that much even for arguably good artwork.

  • I don’t know how you can judge the quality of this piece given that it is all wrapped up in plastic, but since contemporary artworks regularly sell for even more than $6M, the price range quoted it doesn’t seem out of the question. Louise Bourgeois is a blue-chip artist; one of her spider sculptures sold in 2006 for $3.6M. Whoever bought this one paid well for it, I’m sure.

    (Nice flood photos, by the way.)

  • Each to their own kjb. Other people might question whether widening a certain freeway was worth $2.4B.

  • Looks like it should be fun transporting. Nice pics!

  • How in the world did you find my photo?