Smash-and-Grabs on Rayford Rd.; Tiny Houses Make for Bigger Compounds; A Texas Abortion-Clinic Map

Centennial Gardens, Hermann Park, Houston

Photo of Centennial Gardens, Hermann Park: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I thought this was a real estate website? Why an article about abortion mills?

  • Mike, the right-wing-cabal’s attack on a woman’s right to make medical decisions for herself also affects the permitted use of the property on which a woman was formerly permitted to make medical decisions for herself.

  • @Mike, abortions are all about constraining the future demand of section 8 housing, hence real estate related.

  • Wow, commonsense. Even for you, that was a serious dickbag comment. You know what the common thread of modern conservatives is? A complete lack of empathy for people that don’t exist in their white, republican, christian, straight suburban/rural reality bubble. Disgusting.

  • I support a Mike’s right to choose not to read Swamplot.

  • “Tiny House Fans in Houston Mostly Just Want To Use Them as Add-Ons or Outbuildings”
    First of all, neither that link title nor the news piece have anything at all to do with actual housing. If anything, people are using them as “add-ons” or “outbuildings” because it’s illegal to do anything else with them. Nowhere in there was any kind of basic information on the state of actual Tiny Housing in Houston…

  • I think the prevailing word here is ‘blog’.
    Ian, the terminology may have tried to be intentionally inflammatory, but I think commonsense’s point still remains. The vast majority of abortions are due to out of wedlock or the absence of family planning and statistically speaking, single parent families are indeed resigned to a life of low incomes/periods of poverty.
    It’s important to note as there remains this ignorant concept throughout america that prohibiting abortions would somehow reduce the number of them which is by no means supported by data or international pill orders. Most industrialized countries have transitioned to foreign concepts of statistical analysis to determine that increasing access to birth control and/or increasing income transfers for a more robust social safety net are the only guaranteed ways to reduce abortions. Fortunately our efforts on the former point have been showing positive results.

  • Regardless of your view on abortion, it’s a shame it can’t be discussed without terms like “attack on women”. Just like any conversations about borders and immigration inforcement is now spun as “anti Mexican”. Or opinions against affirmative action = “anti black”.