Some Initial Feedback on an Elevated West Loop Lane; Rebranding Houston


Photo of Aris at Market Square: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Lonza is a big player in biotechnology, so they belong in the Houston area. Among their important services is providing primary human cell material to researchers. They do all the heavy lifting in finding donors, getting approvals, collecting, screening and preserving samples. Makes it easier for us grunts in the research trenches.

  • Obviously, there were too many words on the Treebeards mural. Traffic will flow better now that drivers need not slow down to read them all.

  • I think any time you need words on a sign or mural to declare that your city is hip or creative, it’s likely that your city is in reality struggling to be hip and creative. It means your surroundings and culture don’t already innately project that image.

  • notsohip hits it on the head.

  • Agreed. Good ad copy softly teases at the emotions generated by the product itself, implicitly acknowledging cognitive dissonance and summarily dismissing it. That’s why the “Houston: It’s Worth It” campaign was successful.

    As Lisa Simpson once remarked about McGill, the so-called ‘Harvard of Canada’, “Anything that’s the something of the something isn’t really the anything of the anything.”