Subterranean South Indian Cuisine Now Available at DGN Factory’s New Location Under Downtown

dgn Factory, 1001 Fannin St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Deep beneath First City Tower, something is lightly frying — Indian fast-casual joint DGN Factory, previously known by its less-coy former moniker The Dosa Factory, is now serving the no-longer-titular stuffed crepes and other South Indian vegetarian staples at its newly opened counter in the tunnel below 1001 Fannin St., 4 blocks west of Discovery Green.


The new locale is the third link in the growing chain: DGN has two other Houston area locations (in Missouri City and the Galleria area), as well as international franchise aspirations. The Fannin and Missouri city locations were announced last year, as was the name change.

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5 Comment

  • They should rebrand to “Indian Dosas.”
    Most people don’t know what dosas are and they definitely don’t know what DGN stands for.

  • Mayuri also specializes in dosas & is a few blocks away in the tunnels (945 McKinney St)…will both make it?

  • It’s still a better name than the DNR Turkish Grill, located in Fondren Southwest. What if a customer chokes on a piece of kebab? DNR…

  • Mayuri’s Dosas are great. I agree that DGN is a dumb name. Dosa Factory was a better name. What the hell is DGN?

  • I work in the building and have seen the build out… DGN means Dosa Gone Nuts..