St. Paul Suburb Refuses Bus Connectivity in Order to Stay “Pretty Rural-Looking”

ST. PAUL SUBURB REFUSES BUS CONNECTIVITY IN ORDER TO STAY “PRETTY RURAL-LOOKING” Meanwhile, in the Twin Cities: The Gold Line Busway, intended to connect downtown St. Paul with east-lying Washington County, will likely now terminate in the rapidly growing Woodbury area instead of rural Lake Elmo as planned, after the community’s City Council voted reject the plans (intended to spur further development in the city of 8,200). The suburb, which contains over 2,200 acres of lake park preserves alongside extensive farmland, declined the project in a 3-to-2 vote in an effort to “keep this rural community pretty rural-looking”, as Council Member Jill Lungren put it. Council Member Julie Fliflet adds that the bus line “is a good project, I fully support it and what it brings — I just don’t feel it’s the right fit for our community.” [Star Tribune]

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  • Nothing against people of St Elmo, but WFT does this have to do with Houston? I apologize now for missing the punch line here, if there is one.

  • HA… I apologize for the typos, I was using a remote desktop utility that delayed my keystrokes… I must have over-compensated, but I know the brilliant readers of SWAMPLOT knew what I meant. :)