Sugar Land Arena’s Musical Debut; I-10’s Car Vending Machine Open for Business


Photo: o texano via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: picture of “Jesus is still the answer”.
    What’s the question? What’s the best fictional book character to use on the application for Property Tax Exemption?

  • And nice surge in home sales, but does anyone really believe it’s because of a stabilizing oil market rather than demand being pulled forward to avoid escalating mortgage rates?
    This does not bode well if you work in exports or manufacturing. The euro and the yen have been slaughtered so it’s an international shopping spree for americans right now.

  • So it’s a problem that Jesus is still the answer? I suppose they were looking for the answer to change.

  • Re: Car Vending Machine
    Stating the obvious but I don’t buy cars because I can use a special coin to get it from a vending machine. Plus, the Carvana commercials annoy the heck out of me with the kimono-wearing hipster and the dancing. Cars = functional item.

  • THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE ECONOMY ARE SOUND. OK, so it’s obvious that a housing market is “strong” in the eyes of a realtor if total sales volume is up while average prices hold steady or gradually increase. It means realtors have more business and make more commissions. From a homeowner’s point of view there are some worrying trends: average days on market is increasing, inventory is increasing, condo/townhome prices are falling, rents are falling. Higher home sales numbers just means people are moving. It doesn’t mean the economy is doing great.