Sugar Land’s Smart Financial Centre Isn’t What You Think It Is; Revising HAR Numbers


Photo of Market Square: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That’s not a small error HAR.

  • OK, so hang on here. “Smart Financial Credit Union paid $6.7 million for the naming rights…” SFCU is formerly FECU, otherwise known as First Educator’s Credit Union, i.e. where a lot of teachers store their money. Hmm.

  • @GoogleMaster
    Yes. Credit unions make their money just like banks, the only difference is who owns them. And like most successful business, you need to advertise.

  • HAR numbers are pure malarkey, they’ve been caught manipulating them dozens of times, from math errors to selective statistical samples. Their only goal is to manipulate the market to make it always look better than it really is.

  • Don’t count on those Montrose condos being built, ever. When a developer says the ground breaking is over a year away, that means all the pieces of the puzzle are not yet in place, or even close. When a developer says we “want” to pre-sell half of the condo units before starting construction, he really means “our construction lender (and maybe even our equity partner) is REQUIRING us to pre-sell half the units before they give us any money.

  • Re: Hess Tower: I guess they didn’t count against them the fact that its death-ray reflection kills half the grass on Discovery Green.

  • All those $15 IRA roll-over penalties add up, I guess.

  • Bernard, most condo buildings have a magic number they must meet before going off the ground. Even in the good times.

  • Ever hear of a project called “Orion”? Two buildings were planned at the end of Asbury. Never pre-sold enough and one of the equity partners had to move into the closed “sales center”. There’s still a big hole there.