Daily Demolition Report: Little Bunny Takes Flight

Fly High Little Bunny, 3120 S. Shepherd Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston

Fly High, Little Bunny. You were not long for this strip.


Commercial Structures


Photo: Googlemaster

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  • I sure hope someone preserves the giant metal bunny head on the roof! It’s a Montrose icon.

  • Between this and the Flower Man House, I’m kind of starting to be a fan of the whole “demo as art” trend.

  • Both buildings were torn down yesterday, and the foundations were being scraped this morning.

    The curious thing is that the outer shell of the entire wall with the mural was removed about a week ago. No telling where that ended up. Maybe someone removed it intact and kept it as art.

    Ditto on the bunny head. Now that you mention it, I don’t recall seeing the bunny head on the building after the mural disappeared. Maybe they’re both in a better place, together.

  • I love that sign, because those guys really did save my butt on multiple occasions.

  • Fly High Little Bunny says on their Facebook page that they are moving to 19th Street this spring, so that giant metal bunny head is hopefully bound for better things.

  • Fly High will be an extremely welcome addition to 19th, and they will crush it.

  • SO glad to see them demolishing Kings Crossing apts. I lived there ten years ago & they were junk then!