Surefire Warehouse Transformation Has Soon-to-Be Workspace Down to Its Skeleton on Brittmoore Rd.

One week oil and gas equipment warehouse just north of the Katy that Work America Capital is converting into a place of business has been partially skinned. Its street-fronting side is now open and the illuminated sign that spelled out the Surefire Industries name atop the front entrance has been replaced with Burton Construction’s unlit banner.

Work America says the structure at 1336 Brittmoore will anchor a 25-acre business campus it’s developing, dubbed The Cannon. It’s slated to include co-working offices, as well as an event center, athletic facility, restaurants, retail and some sort of living space.

Here’s a view of what the barn-like structure will look like re-sided and with new windows:


The developer hopes most new tenants will start moving in by December. In the meantime, a number of businesses backed by funding from Work America are among the campus’s first settlers; they’re holed up in a neighboring warehouse (nicknamed “the waiting room”).

Photos: Lawson Gow (renovations); The Cannon (Surefire warehouse). Rendering: The Cannon

The Cannon