Swamplot Awards Recognition: The Booty

Ordinarily when a publication doles out annual awards to local establishments, it distributes certificates the winners can display proudly in their entrances, lobbies, or restrooms. The Swamplot Awards for Houston Real Estate are a little different, in some instances because a large number of individuals and organizations can reasonably claim credit for the victory — and in others because the winners might be a little shy about celebrating this kind of recognition.

No problem: By popular demand, Swamplot is making award certificates for all the winners available to everyone, online! Each is downloadable in PDF format — and suitable for framing, displaying on break-room bulletin boards, or posting of a more impromptu fashion.

If you had a hand in the conception, creation, or promotion of any of the winners of this year’s Swampies, congratulations! A certificate celebrating your achievement is below. Print it out and display it proudly! If you weren’t part of a team responsible for any of the winners, but just want to make sure the award winners get the recognition they deserve, we hope you can make productive use of these certificates too!

Click on these links to get your Swamplot Award certificates, in 8 1/2″ x 11″ PDF format: