The Sensabaugh Sensibility: A Dolled Up Duplex

He’s the display coordinator for Anthropologie in Highland Village. He has a degree in mortuary science, but his art makes frequent use of old doll parts and other objects he finds in flea markets and dumpsters. What does Brian Neal Sensabaugh’s home look like?

In(side) the Loop blogger Courtney gives us a tour of his “downtown” duplex. Sensabaugh, who’s from rural Arkansas, calls himself a “Ouijist”:

Found objects play a very important role in my work. Things cross my path for a reason. I am fortunate to be able to listen and bring these objects together in a harmonious balance that is agreed upon between the objects themselves and me, the artist.

A few scenes from Courtney’s photo tour, displaying some of Sensabaugh’s unique interior touches.


More of the Living Room, featuring fireplace-free ceramic logs and a few local-boutique finds:

At left: a Sensabaugh assemblage of ceramic hands from a yard sale, a Crate & Barrel bowl, and a biracial topsy-turvy doll from the artist’s collection. Beyond: tower of baked-resin cookies and lady-in-teacup by artist Franco Mondini-Ruiz.

In the Dining Room: Sensabaugh’s own artwork, which he calls Baby Behind: “Notice the one pink teacup that is a little different and is doing its best to fit in with all the rest.”

A few more dolls (above) and a collection of silhouettes (below) in Sensabaugh’s bedroom:

More photos and descriptions at In(side) the Loop.

Photos: In(side) the Loop