Swamplot Sponsor: 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth

Swamplot’s Sponsor of the Day today is the Oak Forest and Garden Oaks-area retail development known as 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth — bringing you some news about the project, which is currently under construction. Thanks for sponsoring this site!

Here’s the first bit of news: Popular Montrose Vietnamese café Les Ba’get will be opening its second location — at 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth! Café owners Peter “Cat” Huynh and Angie Dang have signed a lease for a new Les Ba’get at 1717 W. 34th St. This space will be around 3,000 sq. ft. (The couple’s current location, at 1717 Montrose Blvd. — yes, with the same street number — measures only 1,450 sq. ft.)

Les Ba’get is known for its phở, its bánh mì Vietnamese sandwiches, and its own twist on Vietnamese-style steak and eggs. The café bakes its own bread daily. For dessert, there’s ice cream made in collaboration with Lee’s Creamery (from Lee Ellis, aka the guy behind Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts, Pi Pizza, Petite Sweets, and and other Cherry Pie Hospitality restaurants).

33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth is going in at the southeast corner of 34th St. and Ella Blvd. The buildings on site will feature 110-year-old reclaimed brick from Cleveland, Ohio. The building pictured above under construction is the freestanding structure facing 34th St. Les Ba’get will be in the end cap of the development’s main building, in a space being designed by Austin-based Design Hound. It’ll feature beams made of Alaska Cypress. The 2.5-acre development, a project of Crescere Capital Management, was designed by Gensler. 

The second bit of news about 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth is the Willie Nelson painting artists, shown above, the just completed on the traffic signal control cabinet close to the sidewalk on the corner. It’s part of the City of Houston’s “mini murals” program — and another way for 33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth to express the recorded-music theme expressed in its name.

33 1/3 @ Thirtyfourth will be ready for retail tenants to move in this fall.

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