The Bit of Cross-Strip-Center Commerce Coming Soon to This Spring Branch Mini Mall

“We will not have a kitchen ourselves,” writes the proprietor of Cobble & Spoke, the new craft beer bar planned for space H, almost to the corner of the 1900 Blalock strip center at the northeast corner of Blalock St. and Campbell Rd., in response to a reader query earlier today on Facebook. “However there is a restaurant on site that you will be able to order with right at the bar & have the food delivered right to your table!” That restaurant is Simply Greek, just 6 storefronts down the L, past Precisions Research, a couple of vacant spaces, Ideal Furniture, Creatures of Yoga, and Senpai’s Cards.

At the opposite end of the center is the Stop n’ In convenience store paired with the pair of gas pumps that front the parking lot. Cobble & Spoke promises a selection of wines and craft ciders as well. Neighborhood riders who want to lock up their bicycles will be accommodated too, the bar’s owner notes: “We will have a bike rack out front & even some dedicated space inside.”

Photo: Silvestri Investments

Craft Beer and Imported Food

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  • Finally a local pub! I am so happy to see this area continuing on the right path. That center has been vacant for years and I cant think of a better establishment to go in there.

  • I live literally within rock-throwing distance of this place. I thought we’d be lucky to pick up a taqueria. Craft beer bar? I’m in trouble.

    There’s literally not a decent bar for miles around, and we’re just starting to show signs of townhome disease, so maybe it’ll work out. But it’s really not the hippest neighborhood. So I’m skeptical… but not complaining.

  • I may be a thirty-something recovering hipster retired from that industry but I think I’ll stick to Millie’s Ole View over on Bingle until I’m priced out of the neighborhood.