Swamplot Sponsor: Dawn in Damnation

Today our sponsor is Dawn in Damnation, a new paranormal Western novel by Clark Casey. Thanks for supporting Swamplot!

Dawn in Damnation features affordable and creative living spaces . . . in the town of Damnation, on the south side of the afterlife just short of hell. The newly gentrified neighborhood is popular with gun-slinging outlaws from the Old West, as well as werewolves and a lone vampire.

Need a better sense of Damnation? Think True Blood meets a shabby-chic Deadwood. Here’s a review of the book from the Vampires.com website. In Damnation, the local rooming house offers amenities such as cots and the smell of decay, while the saloon functions as a flexible workspace. The best part about Damnation is . . . it hardly every rains.

The novel is available now in paperback and as a Kindle download.

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