New Dome Rises from the Streets of Montrose to Top Church Position

The metal dome situated street-side at the Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral on the corner of Yoakum and Kipling for just under a month has been lifted and installed atop the church’s sanctuary. The photo at top shows the dome in its earthly state just over a week ago. Members of a crowd that watched its ascension early Saturday morning snapped pictures showing the half-sphere, now sheathed, being placed via crane on top of the metal dock that now exalts it:


The banner tacked to the fence in the foreground shows what the cathedral at 3511 Yoakum Blvd. will look like after renovation and expansion work, begun in July, is complete. Perimeter windows are already positioned in the dome’s exterior. A golden finish and skyward-pointing cross, to be added later, will top it off.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (first, second, and third), Don G. (fourth and fifth); Rendering: Annunciation Orthodox Cathedral

Annunciation Orthodox

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  • Nice to see some real architecture in the age of endless glass curtain walls and helter-skelter postmodernism.

  • Beyond Thunderdome !

  • @Mike – A “real” dome would be constructed of stacked bricks that rest on each other and use physics to stay in place, like they did in the ancient times that you seem to be so fond of. This is a feaux dome made of steel meant to replicate a classical look. Just because something mimics an older style, does not mean that it’s any more “real” than the new stuff.