Swamplot Sponsor: Joshua Verde, Candidate for Judge in the 215th Judicial District

Ad for Josh Verde for Judge, 215th Civil District Court, Harris County, Texas

Our Sponsor of the Day for the day is Joshua Verde, candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for Harris County Civil District Judge in the 215th Judicial District.

Today is election day in Texas. And that’s why Josh asked us if he could sponsor Swamplot today — to remind readers who haven’t yet voted to be sure to hit the polls before they close tonight at 7 pm (Swamplot is nonpartisan and does not endorse political candidates, but we are unadulteratedly pro-voting) — and to provide a few helpful links:

If you’re a potential Harris County voter with questions about where to vote, what you need to bring with you to vote, or who or what is on the ballot, check out the county clerk’s elections website (harrisvotes.org) to find answers.

A nonpartisan PDF guide to the candidates prepared by the League of Women Voters can be found here.

To learn more about Josh’s campaign for the 215th Civil District Court, please visit the Josh for Judge 215 website.

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