Designated Natural Area on Garden Oaks Median Strip Now Also Designated as Art

Art Guys Situation #4, Wheatley St. at Pinemont Dr., Garden Oaks/Oak Forest, Houston, 77091

Here’s the southernmost end of the newest work from the Art Guys: the designation of an existing ‘designated natural area’ in Garden Oaks/Oak Forest as part of their series of situation sculptures. The grassy median strip along Wheatley St. between Pinemont Dr. and Tidwell Rd. is evidently one of the no-mow zones labeled by the city’s parks and recreation department that spurred complaints in 2011, when area residents alleged that newly planted trees had blocked sight lines and created hazardous driving conditions.  According to the city’s website, the zones are carefully placed to “help promote the natural regeneration of the urban forest.

As for techniques employed by the artists: per their other pieces in the series, the duo appears to have left the area alone. They have, however, provided GPS coordinates and a Google map to help visitors avoid losing their way.


Advice from the artists, on how to enjoy the site:

“Visitors to the Designated Natural Area may roam and explore this area. Discoveries may be made. The site contains artifacts. Wayfinding indicators (which double as buried cable markers) are conveniently available so that visitors will not get lost. Remember, this is a Designated Natural Area; take only pictures, leave only tracks. EXPLORE! DISCOVER!”

Photo of city Designated Natural Area sign: The Art Guys

Adventures on Wheatley St.

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  • I think these guys are a hoot. Their “art” may not be hoity-toity and expensive, but it does make you think and sometimes chuckle.

  • I normally bury my toilet paper. Do I have to pack it out now?

  • Superdave: Yeah, maybe I’m the only one, and maybe it’s the old ‘get off my lawn’ man in me but I think it’s sort of dumb. Or at best, stinks of an attention whore type deal. Like people that over hashtag.
    Or maybe I’m missing something. They stuck a sign that says “Designated Natural Area” into a grassy median? Uh. Why?

  • Im with Cody…. I find this type of stuff stupid, GET A JOB!!!

  • eh, would’ve been funnier if they stuck the sign in a walmart median.

  • @Cody: The Art Guys didn’t put the sign there, the city did that. The Art Guys just labeled it as art.
    Personally, I love this kind of art. There’s a certain mindset that used to be reserved for galleries and museums that this kind of art brings into daily life. What is art? Anything with a little white label next to it, basically.
    @Superdave: Not expensive? They had a garage sale last year selling a bunch of stuff they had laying around the studio. I was hoping to pick up some on the cheap, but I was sadly mistaken.

  • @Memebag – Sorry – I meant the simplicity of their work/materials they use. No multi-million dollar sponsorships needed, nor large construction equipment or expensive materials. I have never seen their stuff for sale, but I am surprised to hear that it would fetch a lot. I guess that’s how they fund their shenanigans.