TABC Permit in the Works for the Brutalist Christian Science Church on Main St.

First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1720 Main St., Downtown, Houston, TX 77002

First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1720 Main St., Downtown, Houston, TX 77002A new gig appears to be on the horizon for the turquoise-and-concrete Christian Science church at 1720 Main St. A notice announcing an application for a TABC license for the spot is up at the site; the license is being sought by an entity under the name of 1720 Main Reception Hall. Attached to that name, in the public notice for the application, is another: Salim Dehkordi (of nightclub Clé Bar down the road at 2301 Main) is listed as president, secretary, and treasurer.

The Houston chapter of the American Institute of Architects put in a bid on the space back in January, hoping to use the sci-fi Brutalist building as their new headquarters. The organization purportedly lost out to a cash buyer asking for no due diligence period, spurring suspicions that the structure would be torn down. It seems, however, that the building will be maintained in some form by its next owners (though there could be a very different set of activities going on beneath that geometric gold spire).  A new setup for the interior might be on the horizon as well:


First Church of Christ, Scientist, 1720 Main St., Downtown, Houston, TX 77002

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Getting Saved Downtown

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  • I’m so glad it’s not being torn down.

  • What an odd little building. I drive by it daily, but have never been inside.

    From the street, it feels out of place in the downtown setting. Of course, that part of downtown sucks a little more than other parts. The surrounding blocks are kind of dead, full of parking lots and construction projects, with little shade/trees, retail, restaurants, or even office buildings. Hopefully once all the nearby residential construction is complete, there will be more stuff going on and this “hall” will be successful.

  • It’s not Brutalist… It’s MCM.

  • But why, in your august opinion is it not to be regarded as brutalist? Those recognizing the application in this wonderful building of Beton Brut may well disagree . And how do you understand it to, instead, fit into that capacious term Mid Century Modernism? And why not both?

  • I agree. This is not brutalism. It’s Googie.

  • Another one saved.. Praise Jesus !!!!

  • never knew you had to pull a license from TABC for communion

  • good news. Houston needs more brutalism, but this is not it.

  • It’s MCM with Hints of Googie.

    “All that Concretes is not Brutalism”.

  • Maybe it isn’t brutal, but it is pretty metal.

  • The notice posted to the outside of the building states that a permit application has been submitted for an after-hours nightclub. A fate worse than being torn-down, IMHO.

  • Oh my, again with the labels. Why Googie? Where’s the sense of movement and motion to this building that would justify such a label? The face of this building celebrates concrete in an almost linear fashion.