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The supply of homes for sale is at a decades-low level for the country as a whole. Low inventory has been a feature of the Houston market since 2012, notes Judy Thompson of Just Buyers Houston. She’s tracked it all since 2003, publishing bi-weekly inventory calculations of Houston’s most popular neighborhoods on the Just Buyers Houston website.

You can see for yourself how conditions have changed over the years in the color-coded charts on the Just Buyers Houston website. Take note of the values during the financial crisis that began in 2007. “Those were good days for buyers,” Thompson notes.

Click here to browse market conditions in Houston’s most popular neighborhoods since 2003. You’ll find more data about the Houston market on the Just Buyers Houston website.

Just Buyers Houston represents buyers only in real estate transactions. If you appreciate an analytical approach to Houston real estate investing that’s focused on buyers, get in touch with Judy Thompson of Just Buyers Houston at (713) 299-1156.

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