Aldi Is Coming to the Former Westbury Centerette

A new Aldi supermarket is on the way to the vacant 3-acre lot at 5300 W. Bellfort once home to the longer vacant Westbury Centerette shopping center, torn down in 2015. Plans for a LA Fitness location on the site submitted the year before the Centerette’s demolition didn’t work out. Since then, not much has been in store for the space northeast of AutoZone and Pizza Hut on the corner of W. Bellfort and Chimney Rock — until a leasing agreement for the new supermarket was inked late last year.

In addition to Aldi, the site plan above from NAI Partners indicates a new 26,000-sq.-ft. building of land available for lease on the corner of Chimney Rock and Cedarhurst, in the spot that a vacant gas station disappeared from in 2016.

Site plan: NAI Partners

Westbury Crossroads

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  • I am the leasing agent for this site with NAI. A couple of points of clarification here. The Aldi lease has been signed, however, the construction on this cannot being until a natural gas utility line is successfully relocated. This should be done by the spring, and from there the building should break ground thereafter, with a 2019 store opening.

    Further, the 26,000 square foot area along Chimney Rock is .6 acres of land area. The maximum tenant or group of tenants here would be 4,500 square feet of leasable space.

    If anyone has a business or client interested, feel free to reach out to me by email,

  • @JRG NAI Thanks for pointing this out, Jason. We’ve updated the story to note that the pad site is .6 acres of land for lease, not built area.

  • So excited Aldi is going into the old HEB space! YAY!

  • Jason. How about going after a Starbucks? Or Dunkin Donuts for the corner location?? We certainly could use a coffee place in Westbury and either of those would work.

  • Since they are the same company it’s too bad we won’t get the Trader Joes version. For the pad site a Chipotle or Panera would be nice

  • Gail – It’s not going into the HEB location at Chimney Rock and Braeswood. Westbury Centerette is at the junction of W. Bellfort, and Chimney Rock. This is new construction.
    Also, 17% utilization on a 26,000 square foot lot — hooray parking minimums!

  • Aldi and Trader Joe’s are not owned by the same company, they are separate legal entities — Aldi Nord (Trader Joe’s) and Aldi Sud (Aldi).

  • Excited to see a grocery store go in this location.Either Chipotle or Starbucks would be nice. I’m liking those ideas. NAI needs to go ahead and develop the westbury square site with additional commercial retail as well. I believe the demand is in Westbury, its residents are just taking their money elsewhere at the moment.

  • Any updates on this? It doesn’t look like the natural gas line has been relocated, and there is a new for sale sign on the Chimney Rock side of the property. Did the Aldi’s deal fall through?

  • It sounds like Aldi backed out of the deal. Supposedly a developer has a contract on the lot now. It’s too bad about Aldi, a grocery store is needed in the area. It will be interesting to see what ends up being developed there.

  • at it’s now zoned residential