Swamplot Sponsor: NextSeed

Hair Revolution, Clear Lake, Houston

SquareRut Kava Bar, Austin

Today’s Swamplot sponsor is NextSeed, a crowdfunding platform open only to Texas residents. Thanks for supporting Swamplot, NextSeed!

Always wanted to invest in a local hotspot? Here’s your chance: Houston restaurants, bars, and salons are now accepting investors on NextSeed — and you’re invited to participate in their growth. NextSeed is a new online investment platform that connects local investors with small businesses. You can get started with an investment as little as $100.

Here’s how it works: A business looking for financing applies on NextSeed. Before any investment is presented on the site, NextSeed systematically evaluates the business and conducts due diligence on its management. Once the offering goes live, you can learn about the business, what it needs the funds for, and the returns you can expect.

With NextSeed’s help, Houston-based Hair Revolution (pictured in the top photo) successfully raised $25,000 from local investors in May 2015. More than 60 percent of that money has already been paid back to investors — plus interest.

Take a look at the NextSeed website to learn more and to see the current offerings.

And now comes the required disclaimer: NextSeed does not provide any investment advice or recommendation, and does not provide any legal or tax advice with respect to any securities. Any offers and sales of securities appearing on NextSeed are limited to persons that are Texas residents.

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